Thank You, Ranger!

Thank you for signing up for your Ranger shift(s) at the Burnal Equinox 2019 event! We will follow up in world to confirm your slot so you can be ready for the event.

Notes For Performers

When You Sign Up… Simply find the time slot(s) you would like to perform, and if it is not filled in with another person’s name, put yours in. Generally, 1 hour for live performers, 2 hours for DJs. You can sign up for different time blocks, just not consecutively, so others get a chance to […]

Event Lead Staff for Radical Ritual

So that you can contact the appropriate staff for questions related to the upcoming BURN2 event, use the information listed below. BURN2 OctoBurn: Radical Ritual Event Leads: ??, Daark Gothly, iSkye Silverweb Placement Leads: Huntress Catteneo Communications Lead: iSkye Silverweb Rangers Lead: Leondra Larsson Man Build Team: Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu Temple Build: Daark Gothly […]


DESCRIPTION Provides gifts of Burner clothes and skin that reflects the party that is BURN2 for those who arrive uncostumed to encourage participation in the aesthetic of the event These gifts are readily presented by Greeters and Community Guides Create cohesive looks for the BURN2 staff teams from Rangers to Stage Hosts, giving them individuality, […]

DMV Hottie Specialist

DESCRIPTION Creates art cars for the DMV Experienced builder/texture artist/scripter DESIRED SKILLS Team Spirit Sense of the absurd Friendly & Patient Love to build, script, or texture art cars TIME COMMITMENT Creation of art cars for BURN2 events Prior to and during BURN2 events Time as needed to accomplish the above tasks

Stage Host

DESCRIPTION Hearts and the souls of BURN2 Performance Willing to rock and roll Work well with divergent and ever-changing priorities Have patience, poise under pressure, ability to focus and knowledge of BM philosophy and principles Deal with live performers and DJs, other BURN2 staff and participants DESIRED SKILLS No previous experience necessary! We are happy […]

Principles of Volunteering

If you’re interested in volunteering at BURN2, you can read about our Departments and Roles. If something grabs you, head over to our volunteer application. Volunteering isn’t just helping others, it is really an exchange. Volunteers often say they get back so much more than they give. (In fact, if you don’t feel that way […]