Prometheus' Gift

Conception 2018: Prometheus’ Gift

Conception 2018 Theme! Last week, we asked for theme ideas for Conception and we were not disappointed! We had 25 very interesting and varied ideas submitted. At the last planning meeting, we looked at all of them, and the committee took a vote to narrow down to three favourites, from which we selected the winner: […]

A Burning Need for Ideas – for Conception 2018

We begin to look forward now to our next event: Conception.  It will be June 29th – July 1, 2018 and we are calling for suggestions for themes – we’ve begun to compile a nice list of some, but we want more from the Burner community. Participate! Keeping in mind that Conception is about the […]

BURN2 Conception Invitation to Builders: “Take a Look Inside”

BURN2 Conception 2017 July 14th – 15th – 16th “Take A Look Inside” Is the beginning of “The Welcome” to a Visitor How do we convey the need to be a Community?  An Invitation, We invite someone inside. We invite the visitor into our home and make them feel welcome. Offer them comfort, Laughter, and […]

The Sparks Will Fly at Primordial!

Primordial, the BURN2 Conception event, opens at 9:00am SLT Friday the 10th of July, 2015 with tunes provided by Trowzer Boa, followed by the Lamplighters' opening procession accompanied by D-oo-b. There will be music and art and of course there will be FIRE. Sparks will fly twice during the weekend with Primordial Burns at 6:00pm […]

PRIMORDIAL: A BURN2 Conception Event

From 2015-05-19 We Dared to Conceive… …a radical plan: Find a way to look back at how our beloved Playa may once have been, so a window was opened to one fanciful possibility of the past. A primeval jungle surrounds the Playa as it was long long ago, a great lake.  On the edges here and […]

Welcome to CONCEPTION 2014!

From 2014-05-06 Welcome to CONCEPTION 2014! Check out the Performance Schedule Check out the Artist Build Descriptions Conception – a time to celebrate beginnings, and a time to celebrate the future, whether it is that of Burning Man, our experience with it, or the people we have and will come to know through it. How did […]