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Primordial, the BURN2 Conception event, opens at 9:00am SLT Friday the 10th of July, 2015 with tunes provided by Trowzer Boa, followed by the Lamplighters' opening procession accompanied by D-oo-b.

There will be music and art and of course there will be FIRE. Sparks will fly twice during the weekend with Primordial Burns at 6:00pm SLT Saturday the 11th with Cuga Rajal as DJ, and Burnmeister Danger Lytton. Danger will run a second Primordial Burn on Sunday the 12th at 11:00am SLT with JCE Emoto as DJ.

You are invited to join with the Burner community in Second Life throughout the weekend to witness the Burns, share in the festive fun, and to enjoy the art, music and BURN2's global community.

When in Second Life, come home to the virtual playa and get immersed in this virtual Regional of Burning Man that we call BURN2.