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BURN2 Conception 2017 July 14th – 15th – 16th

“Take A Look Inside” Is the beginning of “The Welcome” to a Visitor

How do we convey the need to be a Community?  An Invitation, We invite someone inside.

We invite the visitor into our home and make them feel welcome. Offer them comfort, Laughter, and Sincerity. The community grows as we come together in our common areas. Think of the Piazzas of Italy, the gathering of the community on a daily basis, bonding, sharing stories, laughter and sharing time.

Building outside the box, by building inside the box!

Your build inside the box is sharing your invitation, sharing YOU. The spaces outside the box we share “ALL of US”, in lively community, our 10 Principals in action

We will work together as a community making the Visitor more important than the box. All boxes are the same except for the Silhouette you choose to show. (Touch to choose from 41 different Silhouettes).

The view from inside the box is transparent. Your build is showcased as a single view. Other builds are encased in their boxes so you just see the other boxes. The visitor walks and enters each box. Your invitation is important as its all that’s seen in clarity. Remember to build so all can be enjoyed while inside your plot. (long distant viewing is not what this event is all about)

The landscape layout will be dotted with 24x24x24 somewhat transparent black boxes. Dusty roads and infrastructure will complete the INVITATION TO: “Take A Look Inside.”

Interested? Review the Conception 2017 Builder Guidelines, then follow the link therein to the builder application.

Builders and artists, come and build – we look forward to seeing you on the playa!