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The Juried Theme Camp Artists

The Art Commitee is pleased to announce the list of juried art camps fitting the theme of Rites of passage.

These artists were chosen through an intensive selection process which involved a vastly encompassing variety of criteria to determine through consensus those whom we feel best represent a wide sample of creativity, technique, artistic expression, and resourcefulness.

Caro Fayray

TRANSITORY THRESHOLDS is based loosely on the principle of the ‘labyrinth’

and Joseph Campbell’s  “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.

Rites of passage have three parts. Separation, Transition and Reincorporation.

Yman Juran

*Cosmic Circusality* by The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love, Yman Juran

Cosmic Circusality is the relationship between  an idea and its implementation into action, just as your decision to share light, life and love with your fellow beings to  help mankind and its creator forward on the path to beauty, goodness and truth.

Cienega Soon

“Verismo” – Our rite of passage begins with a BREATH from the moment we enter this world

Each threshold flanked by other humans, in Truth we don’t walk alone … Just Breathe

Verismo (meaning “realism”, from Italian vero, meaning “true”) In theory, no Verismo melody, fragment, or leitmotif is composed simply because it sounds pretty. The purpose of each bar of a Verismo score is to convey or reflect scenery, action, or a character’s feelings. In short, the truth of our surroundings

 Maya Paris with original music by March Macbain


An interactive,  Day of the Dead inspired,  mechanical-mermaid-Celebration. Get your free Skelly-outfit from the sign, turn on your media stream and CLICK away.