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The events everyone looks forward to seeing. Drums beating, firesticks twirling, lamplighters dancing. People will be cheering and yelling.

IF …….you do what you can to reduce lag and set your viewer up for optimal viewing. Here are some things to do so we don’t all end up stuck in lag or suddenly find outselves on a crashing sim. Swimming through molasses (lag) is no fun!

Remember we’re all there to see the man burn. So we don’t care how newbie you dress or if you’re bald and shoeless. Pat yourself on the back if you can come in with an ARC of 1 and a script count of 1. As someone on tv says…It’s a good thing!

Viewing tips:
1)Try to come in with as low an avatar rendering cost (ARC) as possible to reduce your lag. System clothes are low ARC. Pick up a colorful skin and come just in that for an ARC of 1.  Check out the SL wiki post about arc:
Things that add to ARC
  • Prim clothing and attachments
  • Prim shoes/boots
  • Prim hair
  • Excessive use of high resolution textures
  • Animation overriders (AOs) and other attached HUDs, including avatar radars
  • Highly detailed jewelry
2) Take off as many scripted things as possible. You can detach your AO – you’re just gonna be standing around anyway *smiles*. Take off your shoes. Sometimes hair has a ton of scripts – take it off and try a hat or a bandana. There are a ton of scripts involved in these events. The fewer scripts you run, the more processor power is available for the burn.

#3) Set up your viewer for best results:

Force to Sun to Midnight
Draw Distance 152m to 170m
Particle Count 4096 minimum; 7168 maximum
Local Lights = Maximum
“Sounds” volume slider = Maximum
Avatar Impostors = CHECKED

Advanced Settings:

Lighting & Shadows OFF
Global Illumination OFF
Water Reflections MINIMAL
Post Process Quality = High
Objects & Sculpts LOD = High (4.0)

Optional Settings:

“Music”, “Media” and “Voice” volume sliders = Minimum
Speaker volume = High
If your viewer supports “Derendering”, consider derendering various objects at your discretion.
If your viewer supports “Maximum number of avatars”, consider lowering that value for the duration of the Burn.