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To the BURN2 Community

Dear BURN2 Community,

We have a big update for you today.

Last update we said that we approved all of the Burn2 departments. The new departments and roles page shows descriptions of the roles and duties in each department. There may be some minor tweaks, but this is essentially done.

Also in the last update, we showed you the Code of Ethics that will cover everyone in the Burn2 regional. We invited you to send us feedback on the points included in that Code. We’ve received some comments and are in the process of following up with those who indicated they would like followup for further information. You can see the comments we received at the bottom of the same page where you submitted your suggestion, here, and we welcome more suggestions and questions as we continue our work on the Code of Conduct for Leadership.

With respect to the Code of Conduct for Leadership, we partially defined expectations and came up with several ideas on how to oversee leadership issues including procedural steps, timelines, and policies.

Miss Suzanne Super Sweet, Super Suz, has informed the leads that she has given six months’ notice of her intent to step down from her Regional Contact position starting July, 2022. Burning Man Regionals Support has been informed and they will be in contact regarding how we are to proceed. This opens up a new leadership opportunity within our community and if that excites you, then take a look at the details coming. Meanwhile, there will be a nomination and self-nomination process explained when they are ready. There is more information to read about this process and criteria here and here. As more information flows from Burning Man, we will inform the community. 3V will continue her good work with BURN2. One of our next tasks will be to define the expectations for Burn2’s Regional Contacts and their duties. We will share this with you in a future update soon.

We worked on a new listserv to use as an Announce List for BURN2, which will be another way to get information and news about Burning Man and Burn2. We will let you know when it is up and running.

Some departments met or are planning on meeting with their team members. Get in contact with your team lead for the department if you volunteer.

Unfortunately, several members have stepped down during our break. This means we will have open positions for volunteers to come in and take on some of the roles that have been vacated. Information will be coming out about which of those areas those openings are in. This will be posted in group notice and in Gerlach, as well as at an information social in the saloon after we reopen. Watch notices for dates and times.

The schedule for planning meetings will be the same as before: Thursday evenings, 9:00pm SLT and Sunday mornings, 9:00am SLT. We may consider changing the time of one of them to make it easier for more people to attend. The first planning meeting to end the pause will be on Sunday, 31st of July at 9:00am SLT. and the agenda will be short:

  • Deciding the number of extra sims we want for Octoburn
  • Coming up with names for the additional sims

There is a form for you to send in your ideas for sim names so we can get that ball rolling and review them at the meeting. Here is the link: Octoburn 2022: Calling for Region Names . There is a deadline we have to meet in order to have the sims ready and in place in time for the pre-event build period and the Octoburn event. M2 has to send in the order no later than 18th of August (sooner is always better) and there is paperwork to prepare before then.

We know you will have lots of questions and there will be time for us to just chat and enjoy being able to meet together again. We’ve missed having the community together - that has motivated us to work as quickly as we could to finish our tasks and reopen Deep Hole. We truly appreciate your patience through this period.

Also at the first planning meeting, we will share with you some of the experiences we had while leadership met. If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to share them. You can send them to, which is monitored closely by the Burn2 Regional Contacts, then passed on to leadership as appropriate. Tell us if you prefer to receive answers privately or discuss at this first planning meeting on the 31st. Please understand that we may not be able to answer all questions in detail, for privacy reasons, but we will do our best as we are sure you are doing your best, and because we really want Burn2 to move forward.

After this planning meeting, we invite you to join us for an hour or two of FUN - let’s celebrate the reopening of Deep Hole with a party starting right after the meeting. Please come and be glad we can be together again!

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Until then, you may continue to contact us through sl (at) burningman (dot) org and watch for leadership progress updates on our website at