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Code of Ethics


Your Input Requested

The Burn2 Code of Ethics contains the core ethical values, principles and ideals of the regional. It shares what we aspire to.

The Code of Ethics is for all Burners in the regional, including participants, volunteers and staff. We want to make you aware of this and we invite your questions and input.

In case you want to go back and read it again: Burn2 Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics Questions and Suggestions

We ask that you please be constructive and positive. The intention of this form is to seek your suggestions and answer questions about this Code of Ethics, because we welcome ideas from Burners. Thank you in advance.


We will add more feedback here as we receive it. Names and other personal information are removed for privacy reasons.

Code of Ethics: Questions or Suggestions Responses

These all sound good and well. I would say on the surface these ethics are not even new and what many of the group were already following. So as a statement in words it's quite good.

However, at the same time these words were released those with power continue to carry on actions contrary to these words they have written.

Accountability is being dismissed.
Diversity is being culled.
Community is being ignored.
Creativity is being reduced.
There is only Compliance allowed.

Hello Burners,
First of all i hope that this reconstruction phase will be short and keep the community together. For me the Burn 'magic' is almost gone reading Discord group chats. It shows a lot of miscomms.

Only make a huge fire, sit around and talk, make connection of souls can solve.

About CoP proposed.

For me personal its not neede. I live by the 10 Burn principes and use my common sense as a human being. So showing respect, consent etcetera, is in my DNA. I came to SL to join the OctoBurn event. Been welcomed by very kind Burners. They helped me starting my sl. The magic started... the Art, free spirits, music and community feeling during the Temple and Man burns. Of course i experienced some argues and was even bombed away. It learned me to survive and so much on building relations. So my adagium is 'keep rules stupid simple and as less as possible'. Burn on and in dust we trust. Hugsss [Name removed for privacy]

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in creating these. They are beautiful and convey values I share.

Perhaps it's too late in the process, but would you consider bringing the community in to help define these? I think that by including them and letting their voice be heard and their ideas incorporated where it makes sense/is helpful - might give the community more of a sense of co-creation (and a sense of "ownership"), and thus they could be accepted/adopted much more easily and deeply.

If it's not possible, I understand... and following your feedback process, I would like to offer a suggestion to consider regarding the last one:

We celebrate and share in the joy and fun of the Burn together as one community at peace, upholding the unique worth of each as part of the whole."

Perhaps another perspective of adopting some more action-oriented words might help make this final entry stronger and even more meaningful by including everyone in the co-creation of our community:

Co-creating a sense of belonging and family by encouraging and supporting each other toward a common goal, and also by celebrating the unique contributions of each of us, that makes the Burner community whole."

Burn2 has a Code of Ethics, They are Called the 10 Principles!

It looks very good, and covers the important topics. Of course we still need to work out how it will be enforced and how to look at discourse objectively. What may be offensive to one person may not be so to others.