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Getting Ready ... Send Us Some Region Names!

Burn2's Octoburn Regions Will Need Names

Burn2's pause is soon to end, much to our relief and eagerness to get us all together again. The 31st of July is the date we reopen, and we will do it with a planning meeting, set to start at 9:00am SLT in the usual place - yes, back HOME on Deep Hole! There is much to do, much to discuss. But a deadline looms: the 18th of August is when we must send our order on the extra regions for Octoburn. That's just two and a half weeks away from our planning meeting! We want to get the ball rolling and ask for your input on two important things at that planning meeting, and one of them is choosing names for the regions we will order. M2 needs to have that information for the order and we know our community would want to be part of choosing those names, so here we are! Read on...

Burn2 echoes Burning Man's Black Rock City October 7th through 16th - including the art theme, which is "Waking Dreams". You can read a description of the theme on Burning Man's website.

Think on this theme, and consider what we shall name the regions of Burn2's playa. We have not quite decided the number of regions we will have, and we will seek your input on that, too. We are asking our burner community to help us with names - Deep Hole remains the same and we will once again have a "low rules" region with retains the name, "Anarchy." But we need names for the other regions.

Burners, think about your weirdest waking dream experiences to inspire you! You can suggest up to five (5) region names for consideration by the Burn2 planning committee. And as you consider your suggestions, please review these naming guidelines:

  • Cannot be a name that is already being used
  • Length up to 18 characters, including spaces*
  • Three words or less
  • Only alphanumeric characters
  • Cannot use the name of a real life city
  • Cannot use SL, Linden, Linden Lab, Second Life, etc. in the name
  • Must be compliant with a G sim rating**
  • No real person's name
  • Must not violate any trademark right, copyright or other property right
  • Vulgarity is NOT permitted (this includes obscenities in any language however spelled; racist, sexist or otherwise derogatory in nature)
  • Deadline to submit your region name suggestions is Saturday, 30 July 2022 at midnight SLT. We may reopen the form for more suggestions, if needed.
  • The planning committee will decide on the final region names submitted by the community.

*The full name will be prefixed with "BURN2- " so the 18 character limit keeps the name length in compliance with the "less than 26 characters" requirement from Linden Lab.

**While the regions will be Mature rated, the names must comply with G maturity rating.

The Burn2 planning committee reserves the right to alter a name in the event Linden Lab requires us to do so.

Octoburn 2022: Waking Dreams - Call for Region Names