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Burn2 News Extra!

2020 is a Busy Year in Burn2

Since Burnal Equinox, the virtual playa has seen a few events, hosting other Burning Man related groups like:

  • HouseFire/Sanctuary the weekend of June 5-8
  • Friday Burner Social on Deep Hole, June 19
  • 4th of Juplaya with Modifyre, Regional based in Australia, July 3-5

We've seen you at those events! Great participation, new friends made and new Burners - and volunteers! Be sure and welcome these Burners when you see them.

Burnstock 2020 - July 24-26

Coming next is Burnstock, that annual weekend full of music and FUNraising. We've got a great lineup of performers - you can see them on the event calendar - and there are still some slots open for those who might like to play!

Burning Man VRC Week - August 30 - September 9

August brings us to Burning Man's The Multiverse in the virtual space. The pandemic, while it may have meant cancellation of the Black Rock City event in the desert, burners are finding other ways to connect and even to "burn" - the Burning Man organisation is encouraging Regionals and groups to share their plans for going virtual this year. This will be quite an experiment full of interesting possibilities.

For us in Burn2, it's nothing different to what we do all year round - we've been virtual since before 2010! We are listed as one of the participating "universes" on Burning Man's Kindling site. You'll want to mark these dates on your calendars: August 30-September 7. We are planning several things specifically for Burn2's participation in that week. You will soon see an invitation in group notices and our website for artists to apply to feature their past installations they have had at previous Burn2 Octoburn events. Hoping for some workshops on performance and orientations for new virtual Burners in the week leading up to the event - volunteers are welcome to share their knowledge - talk with SuperSuz if interested in leading a workshop. Greeters will definitely be needed, and the Burn2 Rangers will be on hand to help, too. More details are still being worked out regarding our activities during that week, so watch for more news in the next week.

Burn2: The Multiverse - October 9-18

Hard on the heels of the August VRC event, we will have the additional sims coming in and getting them set up, roads down, infrastructure laid out and camp plots cut to prepare. We'll open for building for the Big Burn as soon after the 7th of September as possible, to allow enough time for the build period. Watch out for plot sale news! Coming soon.

About Names for the Sims. You didn't think we would just not say anything about those sims, did you? We put the choices to the community to contribute name ideas, and then to select the best ones, and the names of the five addtional sims for Burn2's The Multiverse are officially listed here.

Posters! Calling for posters! Yes, with Burn2's The Multiverse coming up, we need posters to use to promote the event. We invite your participation - nothing makes us happier than to get a couple of dozen (more!) great creative poster designs with which to promote the Big Burn event. When ready you can submit your poster ideas! Submission deadline is NOON SLT on the 23rd of July.

Seeking a New Logo for Burn2

Last but not least, after seven years, we have decided that it is time for a fresh new look in a logo for Burn2. Consider creating an idea or two! Or three! There are details, including guidelines, to review before you send in your ideas on the Burn2 Logo Contest page.