An Additional Meeting Day and Time!

After several years of holding Burn2 planning meetings on Thursday nights at 9:00pm SLT, we decided it’s time to expand and set up a second meeting time for Burners who can’t attend the Thursday night time. The last few weeks we’ve been discussing the additional time for Burn2 planning meetings, in an effort to make […]

Burn2 News for This Weekend

This is a rather unusual year at Burn2. We will have a decompression before the big event is quite done. Read on! SKIN BURN 2018! Our decompression event consists of a reprise Man Burn with everyone “skinnied down” to their very lowest lag forms. By removing unnecessary scripts and attachments (Let it all GO! Just […]

The Sims for Burn2’s I, Robot Arrive

The Sims are Here!Lots to share with you today! The additional sims have arrived and Burn2 staff are working to get them ready for builders and campers. There are many ways you can participate at Burn2’s I, Robot event. You don’t have to be an artist, creator or even a builder. You don’t have to […]

Burnstock Stage 2018

Burnstock 2018: August 3-5, 2018

The hippie happening is coming next weekend – Burnstock, once again with musicians, singers, DJs to take the stage over 3 days starting Friday night the 3rd of August and running through Sunday the 5th. Grab a tent, gather round the bonfire, play some games, race, and just generally have a great time together! Find […]

BURN2 2018: I, Robot Draws Near – Reserve Your Plot TODAY!

Wait…What’s That at the Landing Point?? What’s all that neon stuff over there to the left when I land at the playa? Looks like this … You Guessed it! The BURN2 2018: I, Robot Plot Sale is OPEN! The event will be held October 19-28, 2018 – mark your calendars and start making plans! Instead […]


BURN2 Burnstock 2018! August 3-5!

The sounds of drums, music, sultry voices, even primal screams… Here in the dog days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. It’s the season of open-air concerts, pool or beach parties, all kinds of reasons to have a party. Even the Southern Hemisphere can look forward […]

And So the Story Goes, That the Gift of Fire Was Stolen…

The time approaches for our next event and the playa is ready for builders to come and create their renditons of the legends about how mankind got fire – and what we do with it! As one story goes, a sympathetic Titan named Prometheus saw the mortals huddled in dark and cold, took pity and […]

Radical Ritual Plot Kiosks


October’s 2017 BURN2 “Radical Ritual” Plot sales go on sale at 10am SLT today, July 16th, with a PRE-Sale offer of increased Prim/LI allowance of 10%. You have until July 31st to buy these Hot sought after Pre-Sale plots. Starting August 1st the 10% increase burns away. Hurry while they’re HOT! Plot Sizes, Prices and […]

BURN2 Doubleheader News

BURN2’s got a doubleheader for you in July! TWO events, TWO weekends! Mark your calendars and plan to participate! Take a Look Inside July 14-16, 2017 Coming up first is Conception: Take a Look Inside. This is our annual celebration of BURN2’s start in SL. We posted about this previously, with an invitation to builders. […]

Burniversity! Texture Skin Class

Ever wanted to just texture a skin… and be as AMAZING as the ones you've seen at SKIN BURN? Well, it's very easy and way fun. That's a promise! Daark Gothly will give a fun and very easy instructional class on Texture Skins. No texture programs needed – we will not be using skin templates […]