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Burn2: The Great Unknown


Welcome Home, Burners

Welcome Home to Octoburn 2021, The Great Unknown! It is my honor and great pleasure to welcome each and everyone of you back to the playa for our annual event, Octoburn!

Our teams have worked many long hours, shed a lot of sweat and even tears I'm sure, BUT the ultimate reward of seeing this great event come to life and for the next few days it will be alive with the beat of the drums, music to dance to, a fashion show sure to please, rides and games, art to see and ponder, and most importantly of all, the community as a whole coming together to celebrate, to honor, to remember where we came from, and ultimately into an unknown future that lies ahead.

You, each and every one of YOU, that participated in the events of this past year can come together for an event unlike any other event elsewhere.

Coming together in the spirit of unity, hope, new ideas to share with others, gifting what we can share, knowledge and so much more we as Burners can say with a loud voice that we are ONE and everything we do and say reflects the values entrusted to us by the Man himself, Larry and the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

In closing, I am reminded of a time even in my own life, not knowing that Burning Man existed until I went to a Second Life Birthday back in 2017, where I heard about this "Burning Man in SL" and the invitation extended to me by one of our own. Since then it has ingrained the 10 Principals to which I practice everyday in the real world as well as Second Life, and will continue on in my journey as a Burner.

And it is on that note;

Vickie A. Maidstone, Event Lead
Burn2: The Great Unknown

“We do not have a fear of the unknown. What we fear is giving up the known.”

― Anthony de Mello

Image credit: 3vilyn

Burn2 The Great Unknown Playa Map by 3Vilyn

Image credit: iSkye Silverweb

Burn2 2021 The Great Unknown