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Burn2: Winter Burn

Gingerbread Houses
(with Jack Frost Effigy)
JANUARY 28-30, 2022

Winter Burn 2022 Playa Opens for Building!

The Burn2 Planning Team have been quietly at work preparing for the next regional event: Winter Burn!

We always enjoy inviting the community to come and share in the preparations by signing up for plots to build or create gorgeous art on, or to reserve a slot to play on one of the two stages. Stage crew are always appreciated, so if you're inclined to help in that way, signup is available for that, too. The spirit of togetherness and sharing fun together is always that little extra bit of magical in a community of Burner creatives!

The theme as you have seen above, is Gingerbread Houses (with Jack Frost Effigy). This opens up limitless possibilities for so much fun and frosty frolic, doesn't it? If you're inspired, then sign up and join us! For just a little bit more inspiration, read the following vision of the event, created by Mia Wallace.

Twas the winter of 2022…
Gingerbread Man was heading home for the winter after the holidays. Oh, how much he missed his village home, with gingerbread houses and treats scattered every which way! He said to himself, “I will run just as fast as I can” then sang, “You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!”

At last he arrived - what could it be? There was much more than he expected to see!

Jack Frost had nipped! Home was in drifts! Blankets of snow soft as whipped cream! Oh, what a dream! Icy sculptures and frosted art on the ground, gifts from creators the whole world around. Candy lined paths ensured that no one got lost. And in the midst of it all…
the beloved Jack Frost!

And so this is how Burn2 brings you a Winter Burn theme with “Gingerbread Houses” and a Jack Frost Effigy. Let’s dare to dream, after a couple of trying years. It’s now a time for hope - dry each other’s tears. Hope for a better 2022 and build a fresh start all shiny and new. Come join us, and welcome this new year, new snow, new chance for new things to happen, and celebrate together - us and you!

If this fires you up and starts you thinking about those gingerbread houses and ice sculptures - head on over and sign up, then get started!

As we often say...