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Burnal Equinox 2022: Time Travel

May 20-22, 2022

"I built a time machine tomorrow."

In the context of our chosen theme for this year's Burnal Equinox event, "Time Travel" those few words above mean limitless potential! This inspires creativity to find so many directions, so many time periods, so many opportunities to create something fantastical - and on a virtual playa like ours, the possibilities are endless!

The playa has a different look this time. As you can see in the map here, the layout is circular with trapezium shaped plots - tapered at one end. With this unique layout, 27 plots are available for our prim and mesh slinging creatives. Got your ideas in your head and fingers itching to get to work? You'll want to reserve your FREE plot, ASAP. Arise, Burners - Come forth and CREATE with us!

And there's more:
For the musical creatives among us: Performance signups will open by Monday, the 9th of May. Watch the notices and website for when it's ready!

Now, we haven't forgotten the awesome ones of you who love to help make people feel welcome at our events - stage crew and greeters! For Stage Crew, find the button at left to sign up.

There will be a training for Greeters on Friday the 13th of May at 9:00 PM SLT. If you have questions or need more information, contact Greeters Leads Macha Triangle or XiledSol inworld.