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BRC News for Burn2

News for Burn2 Burners Heading to BRC!

Virtual Burner Meetup

Where & When: Black Rock City, Black Rock Yearbook, 5:30 & A, Friday 2nd September, 5:00 - 7:00pm Pacific
Congratulations on awakening from the Virtual Dream we experienced during 2020-2021. Welcome to Black Rock City 2022 - Waking Dreams!!! You’re Invited to a special celebration event on-playa during the Burn honoring YOU! BRC Virtual Burn Celebration with the virtual rangers. Friday, September 2, 2022, 5:00 - 7:00pm Pacific. (in between your daytime activities and your nighttime plans, come stop by! Sunset is 7:28pm. (on-playa) at Black Rock Yearbook (5:30 & A).

Intergalactic cold drinks (real or synthehol) and a multiversal buffet of snacks will be served.

A sampling of music from across the Multiverse rotating every 15 mins will delight your ears!

Pay a visit to the gallery of transdimensional art showing alternate reality versions of art on playa.

RSVP encouraged but not required - Virtual Burn Celebration 2022

We’d love to meet you in person and swap stories. Anyone on playa who is interested in virtual burns and building art in these virtual spaces is welcome to stop by to meet the amazing individuals and teams who have created and supported these spaces.

Co-hosted by: VEST (Virtual Event Support Team) & BRCvr (located next door to Black Rock Yearbook)

Virtual Burners on an Art Tour!

Where & When: Black Rock City, location & route TBA, Tuesday 30th August, 10:00am - 12noon Pacific
We are invited to join virtual burners on an Art Tour! Mark your calendars! Join us for a special art car adventure during which we will visit several of the art sculptures which we saw in our virtual dream manifested in their physical presence in Black Rock City. The Art Car has a capacity of 25 humans, the rest of us will be on bikes following. Take a peek at all of the art that will be out in Black Rock City here: 2022 Art Installations. Join us in a special art car adventure for a guided VEST Art Tour, Tuesday, August 30th, 10:00am - 12noon. Exact meeting place and route will be posted later.

Annual Playa Video Postcard: Thursday, September 1st, 2022 at 11am - 12pm

Where: Black Rock City, 6 & Esplanade, Thursday 1st September, 11:00am Pacific
Got a friend, lover, or campmate who couldn't make it on playa this year? Tell them to tune in to the Burning Man live webcast on Thursday Sep 1, 2022, at 11 a.m. Pacific to see a video postcard from you! We will meet at 6 and Esplanade at 11 a.m. sharp and, with the help of a few friends in the know, march toward the Burning Man Live Webcast where you'll shake your tail feather in front of the webcam to say hi to your default-world friends!

Bring your solo moves, synchronized dance troupe, fabulous outfits, signs, or whatever that will send a smile (or laugh) over the webcam. Invite your friends and family to this Facebook event so they can bookmark it to see your playa video postcard.
Burning Man live webcast:

Very loosely organized by Pickles, King Rusty, and the citizens of Breakaway Republic. Here is the facebook invite:

Not Going to BRC?

Watch the Burning Man Live Webcast at Center Camp in Deep Hole!

Where & When: Second Life®, Center Camp on Deep Hole, 28th August through 5th September
Not able to log in? Watch on your device: Burning Man live webcast
Thanks to Motorbike Matt and his dedicated crew, the Burning Man live webcast will be online from 28th August through 5th September this year. While you can watch it in the comfort of your own RL home, at your computer or on your TV, you can also log into SL and take your avatar over to join your fellow Burn2 Burners at our own "Center Camp"! B2TV will set out a screen there for us to watch the webcast together.

We may even see our fellow Burn2 Burners waving at us during the Playa Video Postcard on 1st September between 11am and Noon Pacific time! Just find on the virtual playa in Deep Hole!

Burn2 2022: Waking Dreams

October 7-16, 2022

The Plot Sale is OPEN!

The Waking Dreams Plot Sale has just opened up (yay!) and will be open through Sunday, October 2nd. Burn2’s plot sale is equivalent to buying a ticket to camp at BRC. Where to go to get your plot? The plot sale kiosks are in Burn2’s own virtual Gerlach.

There is much more coming! Watch the main event page here on our website to find more information as it becomes available - performers, art installations, sound camps and much more.