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Waking Dreams

October 7-16, 2022

Burn2 in 2022:
Waking Dreams

Traditionally, Burn2 "echoes" the annual event in Black Rock City, Nevada. For the last couple of years, Burning Man paused and went virtual. In 2020, Burn2 was one of the eight "recognized universes" in The Multiverse. In 2021, Burn2 also joined the virtual space with Burning Man by holding its virtual version of "The Great Unknown." This year, Black Rock City returns - and some of our own will be there.

Meanwhile Burn2 Burners begin their preparations for the event in October. We will continue our tradition of echoing Black Rock City with the same art theme: "Waking Dreams". Together, we can create experiences that let participants from everywhere connect in this unique space. We will awaken and we will play.

We will expand beyond Deep Hole, from 1 to 12 regions, and the additional region names are:

Astral Traveler
Lucid Dreams
The Doorway

What we will do this year is echo the traditional annual event in the Black Rock desert, with the familiar sights and sounds, look and feel of the ancient dry lake bed where a city has sprung up from the dust. We will go beyond that, too - with the theme "Waking Dreams" allowing amazing, strange and wonderful possibilities for creating structure, art and sound from a barren virtual playa. The Man and Temple will be there. And we will have our plots...

Step off a road, walk into a camp, and you'll enter an unknown world created by the owner of that plot. Artists and builders, consider the Burning Man art theme for 2022. Let the surreality take hold! BUT! Before you get too far out into dreamy weirdness, builders will need to remember to keep rooted firmly in the 10 Principles of Burning Man and within the Terms of Service, Community Standards and Maturity rating of Burn2's regions. Guidelines are provided to help with this also.

There will be a change for performers to be aware of. We will not have Main or BOB stages on the playa. At Black Rock City you won't find "official stages" - just sound camps and stages brought in by enthusiastic Burners. We want to echo this and encourage you to form sound camps where Burners can visit and enjoy special activities and performances. We have seen many sound camps in the past, of all sizes and we appreciate every one of them. There is a specialness in the way these camp stage builders and performers work together and create all kinds of different ways for participants to experience the talent and love for enjoying things together.

Center Camp will still have a stage available for booking. It's a more casual, laid-back environment that is great for storytelling, poetry reading, some DJs and live singers.

For more than a decade, this Regional has echoed the look and feel of Black Rock City. We are excited! We hope you are, too! And so we will say when this event opens, "Welcome Home!"