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The two-day event was an exuberant celebration with a variety of fun music styles and art builds to explore, and it was with great reluctance that the event came to a close. We were delighted to see many friends both new and familiar join us as we reveled in great music and togetherness during the weekend.

While the scheduled performances and burns are done, the builds remain. Exploring and gathering just to socialise and enjoy the creativity of the creators of the builds is definitely encouraged. The meditation center and Hawking memorial are there for you to ponder and relax; other builds are to make you smile, some to make you think, and there is the whimsical paper mountain build that was a collaborative effort under the very light-touch guidance of Veleda Lorakeet.

Do come and look around! Those of you who like to fling a prim or two, or blend some mesh, let these creative expressions inspire you to consider participating as an artist-builder at our next event. Watch this site for more news from us on that, soon.

As we say it here on the virtual playa: Burn on!