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We had a very good response in suggestions for themes for this year’s Burnal Equinox event coming up March 24-25. Thank you to everyone who contributed! Out of 20, we had to narrow down to just 3, then choose one.

The winner: “H2O = Water, but H2 + O -> Fire”

The first part is the formula for water, while the second part describes the process of combustion that produces fire. Both parts use hydrogen and oxygen but by different processes we get different results.

This theme is different from others we’ve had in the past. It definitely generated a lot of ideas for what could be built and done around it.

What inspired the contributor to conceive this theme? Read on.

“Inspired by this text below from The Urantia Revelation.

Mathematics, material science, is indispensable to the intelligent discussion of the material aspects of the universe, but such knowledge is not necessarily a part of the higher realization of truth or of the personal appreciation of spiritual realities. Not only in the realms of life but even in the world of physical energy, the sum of two or more things is very often something more than, or something different from, the predictable additive consequences of such unions. The entire science of mathematics, the whole domain of philosophy, the highest physics or chemistry, could not predict or know that the union of two gaseous hydrogen atoms with one gaseous oxygen atom would result in a new and qualitatively superadditive substance—liquid water. The understanding knowledge of this one physiochemical phenomenon should have prevented the development of materialistic philosophy and mechanistic cosmology.

Technical analysis does not reveal what a person or a thing can do. For example: Water is used effectively to extinguish fire. That water will put out fire is a fact of everyday experience, but no analysis of water could ever be made to disclose such a property. Analysis determines that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen; a further study of these elements discloses that oxygen is the real supporter of combustion and that hydrogen will itself freely burn.”

H2O = Water but H2+O -> Fire

Now that We Have a Theme…Posters Needed!


You’re invited to continue getting that Burner magic going and create some posters! We ask you to drop off your textures in the dropbox at the welcome area on the virtual playa.

Guidelines for Posters:


  • SQUARE 512px X 512px
  • LANDSCAPE 1024px x 512px
  • PORTRAIT 512px x 1024px
Required Details:
  • BURN2 logo (textures provided in the crate near the dropbox)
  • Event Name (Burnal Equinox)
  • Theme ( “H2O = Water but H2+O -> Fire”)
  • Dates (March 24-25, 2018)
The dropbox is located on the playa in the Welcome Area, location is below:
The contest is open through 8:00pm SLT on Thursday, 1 February 2018.  8 February 2018

CONTEST EXTENDED ONE WEEK – deadline is 8 February 2018, 8pm SLT/PST.