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To the BURN2 Community

Dear BURN2 Community,

Progress on the work continues.

For Goal #3, the leads have completed creating the Code of Conduct for Leadership which you can see here:

Next on the list will be Goal #4, creating procedures for complaints and issues.

And for Goal #5, with Octoburn coming up, the leads will work with their departments to prepare for the event, including welcoming volunteers who would like to be part of their teams.

The leads consider Goal #2 an ongoing project; reopening doesn't mean they are all done. They have received input from the community and will continue to listen and work to bring improvements that will grow a healthy, thriving culture in Burn2. They are also well aware there are other goals to work on and will continue to meet to finish them.

That brings us to the reopening and the planning meeting, set for Sunday morning on the 31st of July at 9:00am SLT. The playa will reopen a half hour before that time. There will be two items on the agenda that relate to the October event on which we seek input from those attending the planning meeting. These items are time sensitive, because paperwork needs to be prepared based on the decisions made for those 2 items, for ordering the additional regions. Those items are:

  • Octoburn: How many regions?
  • Octoburn: Region Names

To our delight, we have received over 30 suggestions for region names. So you can think about your favorites, here they are:

Dimensional Trip
Chase Infinity
Inner Dialogue
Resolve Dissolve
Ate My Pillow
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Visions
Star Hopper
Astral Traveler
Nap Bandit
Warm Milk
Night Light
The Doorway
Abstract Adventure

After those two items for Octoburn are discussed, there will be time for a discussion about the pause. We will talk about some questions we received during that time, and it is our hope that by sharing as a community, we can begin to move toward healing and a stronger regional. We ask that all of us engage in respectful dialogue during this meeting.

Last but not least, we invite you to join us for the reopening social. We’ve missed you, the dust and mountains have missed you, and it will be lovely to be together once again!

RL Burning Man Project events happen year round. Burners can get updated by reading these two publications to learn more about how to visit other regionals around the world and in cyberspace.
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Until then, you may continue to contact us through sl (at) burningman (dot) org and watch for leadership progress updates on our website at