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To the BURN2 Community

Dear BURN2 Community,

This is a small update to keep you informed. We've added brief notes under goals #3 and #4 on the Updates During the Pause page.

At the last meeting, the Burn2 leads revisited the Code of Ethics and discussed a suggestion to refine the last item in that page, about Community. The new wording was suggested by a community member and, after following up with this person, we included a slight addition. You can see the new verbiage under “Community” on the Code of Ethics page.

The leads have received feedback from the community through the form for the Code of Ethics. They are taking that feedback into consideration and also applying the Code of Ethics toward developing the Code of Conduct for Leadership. They have established what should be included in the Code of Conduct. Note that this will apply to leadership on top of the 10 Principles. Next step is to write up the Code of Conduct.

The leads have also been gathering ideas for revising the complaint procedure. They will finalize that as soon as work on the Code of Conduct is completed.

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Until then, you may continue to contact us through sl (at) burningman (dot) org and watch for leadership progress updates on our website at