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Phone Booths on the Playa

God is Taking Your Calls

Talk to God

31st August 9pm SLT/PST through 4th September 9pm SLT/PST

You can find a phone booth on the Deep Hole playa in SL, where you can place a virtual call and talk to God.

The original installation by members of the Ojai Bureau of Pleasure was set into place in 2003 just inside the Esplanade and it was a surprise hit. Lines formed all week! Since then various groups have hosted the Talk to God booth at Black Rock City and at various other events over the years. Talk to God went virtual in 2020 with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and they continue to bring a piece of the Playa to virtual Burners this year!

Talk to God at Burn2

How to use the Talk to God booth:

Usage is fairly simple, but it requires following an external link.

• Simply sit on the booth and it will link you to the website.
• From there you can click the button: “I want to talk to God.”

The Talk to God booths will be open from 31st August through 4th September. Enjoy!

Learn more about it: About Talk to God

Other Happenings



Burners at BRC will be hanging out to wave at the cam from BRC, and we will be able to see them - come over to Center Camp on Deep Hole, watch the live webcast! We may even recognize a few of our very own Burn2 Burners...

Come early - they start at 11am SHARP!



See the playa at BRC, now through the 5th of September. Grab some friends, relax and enjoy the view together.

Burn2 2022: Waking Dreams

October 7-16, 2022

BURN2 WAKING DREAMS PLOT SALE - Now through 2nd October!


The plot sale continues! Reserve your own spot on the virtual playa, and be a part of our Waking Dreams!

Want more details? See here:

Ready to reserve your plot NOW? Go here:

After you've got your ticket to your plot, walk on over to Center Camp and watch the Burning Man live webcast! Or find a phone booth and talk to God. 😉