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Deadline to Submit Entries: Monday 25th July 2016, Midnight (11:59pm + 1 minute)

  • We follow the BURN2 Infrastructure Policy – please review this when considering gifting your poster design contribution. This ensures that you will always be acknowledged as the original creator of your work, and also ensures the understanding of the use of your contributed artwork by BURN2 under the Creative Commons License in the aforementioned page.
  • While we would strongly encourage you to create fully original work, we recognise that you may wish to incorporate images created by others – please ensure that you are able to do so under the same Creative Commons license, or that you have permission to use others’ images with the full understanding of the intended use.
  • Preferred texture resolution is 512×512 (they do not have to be square).
  • Include the BURN2 logo somewhere on the poster, include the dates of Octoburn (October 15-23, 2016) and design the poster to incorprorate the “Da Vinci’s Workshop” theme.
  • Keep images PG, please.
  • Submit your entry to Huntress Catteneo inworld. Selection of entries for the posters will be made by the planning committee for Octoburn.