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Every year for our "Octoburn" event, we go through the selection of sim names, and this year we invited YOU to contribute by selecting your favourite sim names and even suggesting others. And YOU responded, thak you for your participation!

Our review of the responses showed five clear favourites. Without further ado, we list them here (in addition to the existsing Deep Hole sim):

  • Black Rock
  • Frog Pond
  • Jade
  • Limbo
  • Looking Glass

As soon as the sims are in, we will name them, parcel them and have them ready for plot holders and builders to come and bring the playa to life! If you have a plot, you will be contacted when your parcel is ready.

It's not too late to get your plot, by the way! Just visit the playa and find the kiosks, here.

You can also participate in the Plot Lottery – and if you're an artist bursting with creative drive, you can apply for a Juried Art Camp.