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Caravansary at BURN2 is happening October 18-26, 2014 and soon you can request to perform during the event!

You've been waiting..
and waiting…
and finally…
you can do bookings!

Well ok, I lie, there is a slight delay, but that is to benefit YOU

So that people have a chance to learn the news and hopefully not miss out on a spot they may want, the schedule opens up for you to enter your interest on, this weekend, starting Midnight SLT Friday the 5th of September. This is your notice to get ready and think about what days and times to go for.

Please do not be greedy, by all means pick a few spots, but then wait and give others a chance. You can always do more later, if some spots stay empty.

This year is self sign up, we trust you to not change anyone else's entry. If you missed a spot you really wanted, add a comment to that box and maybe something can be negotiated. You may only change YOUR entries. Any issues or questions, contact – Larree Quixote or Neeks Karu inworld.

Click here to go to the Music/Performance Self-Signup Form.

Click here to see more about BURN2 Caravansary in October, 18th-26th, 2014.