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Roaring 3020s

The surface of the playa remains untouched, save for a few outposts: Rangers, Lamplighters, Fashionistas, and a giant figure standing at the center, holding up two stages. Perpetual night shows only shadows of the mountains around. Flying transports wait to take you to various destinations, all up in the sky.

This is the setting for the next Burn2 event, Burnal Equinox: Roaring 3020s.

Infrastructure is largely in place; 30 plots suspended in the sky at various heights from 75 meters up to 200 meters above the surface. The sky changes when you rise to 100 meters up, then again at 200 meters. There will be the usual two performance stages and a dance platform between them; these are at a lower height than the plots, held up by the hands of a giant figure, doomed to burn on the last day of the event.

Imagine then: A thousand years into the future... the space colony Earth has technology beyond our dreams, and the style of the Roaring 20s... These are The Roaring 3020s, a mash-up of 1920's Futurism and today's vision of tomorrow. The event celebrates the diversity of the 3020 Earth colony, human and beyond. Think "Metropolis meets the Star Wars Space Bar".

That's just a hint of what is in the works for Burn2 in April. And we invite you - burners, creatives, musicians, performers, singers, builders, artists - come join us and create with us, a different kind of world.


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