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This past weekend we had some amazingly fun times with great tunes, interactive art builds, games, lots of laughter, and FIRE as the giant picnic basket and huge ant were consumed in wonderful, glorious, beautiful flames. We also had a lot of curious visitors new to BURN2 and even to Burning Man who were exposed to our special brand of Burner joy. The joy doesn't stop just yet, however.

This next weekend, April 9th and 10th, Ahnue Heartlight brings a unique Afterburn experience to the virtual playa, with two days, six hours each, of some of the best music you can hear in SL. Each day will also feature an incredible art installation from two very talented 3D artists, Duna Gant and Shade of Loud. See the schedule below and in our calendar. Come and join us, see all the Burnal Equinox builds – they will stay on the playa through Monday the 11th of April.