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There are a few set events we have each year on the playa and we are coming up to the first for this year. The following is a little bit of poetry you may like to add some more stanzas to, as a way to show what things would interest you in the event. The best rhyming couplets of 9 syllables will be added on, and maybe read on stage at some point.

The Equinox is fast approaching
and balanced eggs are good for poaching
Artists old, and especially new
Answer the call, come Home we want you
Opposites make for level scales
Let imaginations weave their tales
A time for community once more
Friends come together step to the fore…

For those wanting some further details of Equinox on the playa this year, here we go:

  • DATES: Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of March
  • WINNING THEME: “Balance”

Equinox is the time when the day and night are of equal length, it is also the start of both Spring and Autumn. In the virtual world we can mix all things together, so we can have bats flying down to sip the nectar from the new spring flowers in the daytime, or autumn leaves transforming into butterflies at night. As always our only limitation is our imagination.

The really important bit: We want YOU.

  • Builders, experienced or new and barely able to place a block (we have people to help you learn to build).
  • Artists of all kinds photographers, painters, builders, poets, dancers, DJ's, musicians, designers, and ideasmen, show us what you have, and be part of it all.

This year we are trying hard to take all into account, welcome all time zones and all parts of the globe. With this in mind we like to remember that while Equinox is when day and night are in equal measure, it is also both Spring and Autumn/Fall at the same time with the Northern and Southern hemispheres. So what does Balance mean to you? Don't just give us your ideas (although at least that is good too), but join in and help make some of them happen. In the spirit of balance, experienced and inexperienced, long standing members and brand new additions to the community are welcome and encouraged to take a part.

If you have an idea, want to help, or offer yourself on the altar of…. hmm, don't think we are allowed to do that one, anyway, contact us. Send a note with any details of how you would like to be a part, or add to the poem to Huntress Catteneo, iSkye Silverweb, or any team member you know and feel comfortable with that can present for you.