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BURN2 Town Hall Meeting

July 17, 2016 9:00am SLT, 6:00pm SLT

“Welcome Home!” we say to Burners, calling out across the grid, welcome Home to the Playa! You’re invited to a Town Hall meeting where we bring you news of the year just past and announcements of the upcoming Big Burn and all the good stuff that comes with it.

Catch up on what we’ve done since the last Town Hall meeting…Get the news about OCTOBURN theme, plans, preparations. Think about your camp, about getting involved! Bring your creative selves and be a part of our best and Burningest event of the year!

We will meet twice, 9am SLT and 6pm SLT, to accommodate as many time zones as possible the content will be the same both times. Then watch for the notices they will be sent out to the BurningMan 2.0 group inworld. If you’re not already in the group, join it (it’s FREE!) to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news!