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Posted on 2013-09-11

BURN2 Plottery Winners 

Imagine! Just up Gate Road, you see a crowd playing around in your build. The Man stands tall in the background, arms raised. Zany art cars fill the streets, winding their way through hundreds of builds of all shapes and sizes. Greeters welcome you excitedly, and helpful Rangers are on hand. Dozens dance to a live performer in Center Camp, while others rock out to a DJ in another sim. Lamplighters will dance the evenings away, illuminating the playa. You know that the week is filled with events; the Man will burn Saturday, and the beautiful Temple on Sunday.

If your name is on this list, then you’re a winner! Congratulations and happy building! Juried Art and Theme Camp winners receive a free 1024sm or 2048sm plot; Plottery winners each receive a 512sm plot for this year’s BURN2: Cargo Cult.

Artist/Builder Build Name Awarded Plot Size
Giovanna Cerise “The magic of objects” 2048sm
Alesha Hax “Cult-Ure Queen” 2048sm
MORLITA Quan “Sokofa” 2048sm
Loki Eliot “The Sand Fairy” 2048sm
Caro Fayray “Anomaly” 1024sm
Ginger Lorakeet “Inside Art” 1024sm
Juliana Burns “Camp Marshmallow” 1024sm
catboy Qunhua “Catboy’s Camp of Cuisine, Culture, and Comedy” 1024sm
Sarrah Docherty “Cargo Train” 1024sm
Marianne McCann “Inner Child Camp” 1024sm

Plottery winners (512sm plots):

Neo Deezul
Calla Cela
Further Monday
Faewyn Silverweb
Xiija Resident
fredx resident
Professor Bimbogami
Zipper Moomintoog
mick lunasea
polkamatic feller
Andy Burroughs
Namor Xue
Isabelli Anatine
KT Syakumi

Congratulations, plot winners! We’ll see you on the playa!

Building begins September 21, 2013.