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This is your last chance to get that amazing chunk o’ the Playa for BURN2!

Load up your motor home, throw the tent in the Bus, and head out to the Virtual SL Playa! Saturday, September 10th starting at 9:00 AM SLT the virtual Playa will open. Three full sims will have 1024 square meter plots supporting 248 prims scattered about BURNING MAN- Hualapai, BURNING MAN- Black Rock, and BURNING MAN- Silver Seed.

Land terminals will be set up for you to pay for your dusty slice of heaven. Plots are available for the event duration for $14,000L. Please join the BURNINGMAN 2.0 group and then request access to BURNING MAN ACCESS group after your purchase.

Caveats and Quid Pro Quo stuff (The back of your ticket says): By participating in the Land Rush you agree to the Rush rules and decisions made by the BURN2 DPW in the execution of these Rushes. This land rush is open to all, without restriction. You may purchase as many plots as you like. Please note that plot locations cannot be joined or adjusted, they are where they are, just like the real Black Rock desert. Builders may have up to two assistants. The builder who owns the plot is responsible for their assistants’ actions at all times, and insuring that all builders are knowledgeable of the Builder Guidelines, Burning Man Ten Principles, Policies of BURN2, Second Life Terms of Service and the Second Life Community Standards.

Please note! Never pay anyone directly! All payments must go through the land terminal on the parcel. If you pay someone directly we will not be held liable for a refund of your land terminal fee.

Questions? Contact Kev Sweetwater or Diana Renoir in Second life.