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Posted on 2013-10-15

BURN2 Artist Build Descriptions 

The following descriptions were provided by the respective artists and builders. If you find errors, you may email corrections to Please note we are all out on the playa now, so corrections might not be made right away. Internet connections may be spotty as wind storms and DPW’s dogs tend to take out wireless access points. We are not accepting additions at this time as the deadline has past and we are moving into other projects.  Please note that your submissions may be/ may have been edited for content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and all information must comply with the Ten Principles (e.g., decommodification).

Name: Tozh Taurog, Additional Names: Candace Kuhn, Vicki Firecaster, Gabba Loon, Gfresh Botha, Title of Build: MetaHarpers History and Mythology

Description: One of the legends of early harper history tells of the first appearance of the First Harper in the waves of celestial music. There were unbelievable sounds and indescribable lights played upon the ground and the forest.

The birds were shamed into silence, the snakes had not the hypnotism that the music induced, the jaguars cowered before the sheer force. The Harper descended and spoke the wondrous words to the music of the spheres and thunderous applause greeted him from nowhere. The harp played as if there were scores of instruments, the lights responded to every sound as if the very skies were complicit in the event.
The legend doesn’t say where the Harper went in the morning. Other legends pick up his story from different points. But this one is of the very first day – and the metaharps are still dedicated to music, light and magic in these lands…

Name: Penelope Parx

Description: This is my sixth Burn. For me it is a chance to relax and work together to share things.  This past summer, I have been working a lot in RL with an art exhibit showing both worlds, RL and SL.

Here at Burn2 I show a sculpture (the bernstein, amber, door) that I will double in RL (as i did in past) as my purpose is  to create a bridge between SL and RL art and act in way the work done in SL make a sense for improve our life.

Name: Attica Bekkers, Location: Australia, Title of Build: Cult Scripting

Description: A cheesy script fondue. I once heard it said that most scripting in SL is along the lines of a cargo cult.

 I recognized myself, Re-using bits of barely understood ‘magic’ stuff,  Hammering and patching, consulting the local wise folks of the wiki, Until the spirits of error are appeased. I am proud to be a cargo cult scripter. I can get myself in a state now

Name:  ZigZags, Additional Names: Pat Perth, Pelucida Lusch, Location: ZigsZags (Fr), Pat Perth (USA), Pelucida Lusch (Aus), Title of Build: Notre Dame des Beaux Paquets

Description: Notre Dame des Beaux Paquets’ is a truly a collaborative art installation which consists of only one lone figure amongst the clutter on the Elko playa. This solitary figure stands 15m high on a small plinth and includes a simple animation. The build is arranged as a gravestone and a tomb, on the face of which is an inscription which comprises three stanzas of six lines each and an appended quote from the poem ‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Bysse Shelley.

Cargo cults are far from being an obscure, colonial, Melanesian belief system. ‘Notre Dame des Beaux Paquets’ is, in essence, an allegory about our fragile notion of ‘beauty’, our obsessive pursuit of consumerist redemption as well as the limited imagination and  the unsustainable economic structure which supports it … both in this world and another.

Name: Renee Michel, Location: Sacramento, California, Title of Build: Sustainable Carg

Description:  Cultures have often manifested various ways to obtain goods, services, “stuff” in ways that have nothing to do with how you could really obtain those items. I included crop circles as the base (trying to get contact with alien beings?) I included totems (Kiwits) representing the four directions because of the global nature of our current cult. Shipping containers fall from the sky with “cargo” (in this case, “stuff” we all really need more of).

Name: Anne Von Linz, Additional Names:  annevonlinz Resident, Location: Spain/Germany, Title of Build: About the use of 2d textures in relation to the volumes

Description: Research on how to maximize the use of resources for dimensionality and volume using 2d textures and transparencies. Part one of a work of five.

Name: Misprint Thursday, Additional Names:  Woody Woodpecker, Title of Build: Bottlerocket

Description: The clatter of bottles was heard over the quiet playa as Misprint and Woody unloaded crates, boxes, karts and barrels of recycled bottles for their cargo cult build.  The colours of glass shimmered in the hot desert sun by day and  illuminated surfaces with solar and wind power by night.

Working together with one purpose: just to create.   It wasn’t hard work for them to share new visions, new ideas as they went along.  They were not strangers to sharing creative spaces and their years of collaboration were brought to the table in an easy flow of imaginative tinkering.

The bottles spoke to them saying words like: rustic, magical, silly, simple, relaxed, luminous, playful, poetic, resourceful and more.  So they listened and shaped the bottles as each seemed destined to become.   Some bottles whispered while others just kept talking and talking.  Those were buried.  The bottles had a lot more to say than the builders did, and in the end, some of them can even be heard singing if you click and listen in the tee pee.

And as for spin the bottle, maybe one day, they would be so lucky, the other bottles I mean

Name:  Ninah Pixie (Big City Orchestra)  Nina Puchkina, Location:  San Francisco, CA-USA, Title of Build: TEMPLE OF NOISE 2.0

Description:  TEMPLE OF NOISE 2.0 is a 2 story, animated structure constructed with original sounds and textures created by Ninah Pixie and other members of Big City Orchestra. The original TEMPLE OF NOISE was exhibited at Burning Life 2008.

Name: Ally Aeon, Additional Names: Janine Bruttin, Location: New York, USA, Title of Build: Them — A Glimpse

Description: The future can only be envisioned and none of us can foresee what will happen. What’s certain is that I am not alone, and we are all in it together. Every time we talk to them we glimpse their world. We try to understand them, try to see what they see, find out why they act and behave the way they do. Curious and trying to learn about them, we gain in exchange a better understanding of our own world. The similarities and differences teach us who we are.

Them — I am one of them and so are you. We live in a world surrounded by many worlds; this number grows with the number of people around us. I am a human being, living on the planet Earth among many others. Art is the most noble way to communicate with each other, to tell others who we are and what we believe in. Through art we express feelings, beliefs, and understanding of our world and the worlds around us. We talk about Cargo Cult when two cultures with different background and level of development meet; in science fiction we talk about “First Contact.” But Cargo Cult not only emerges when cultures collide: it shows up when we meet each other for the first time; it happens everywhere and anytime.

Them — The Link with other worlds, exchanging and sharing, is what makes us who we are.

Name: AlmostThere Inventor, Location: That “other” life… Real Life., Title of Build: 3D Maze

Description: People seem to either love the Maze or hate the Maze, but nobody’s ambivalent about it. 3D Maze is a test of your “Spatial Relations IQ.” (It’s more bewildering than you may think.) Be forewarned: only about 1/3rd attempts are able to finish, with an average time ~10 minutes, so you might want to slam down two cups of coffee before starting! A new 3D Maze will be put up each and every day of BURN2 (at around 2:00 PM when I get home from work.) Just read, then click the Yellow Sign. (see )

Name: Bar Tenk, Title of Build: They gather each year to embed themselves in a representation of an event in the real world.

Description: Hmmm… I don’t know. Could it be argued that BURN2 in itself is a kind of Cargo Culture? Gotta contemplate a bit …. What do You think? … have a beer and crash for a while… gotta figure this out

Name: Carmsie Melodie, Australia – thinker and linker, Additional Names: Xedos Bode, England – meshing around, Dusty Canning, Australia – alien flourishes, Struthious, USA – scripting guru, Frankx Lefavre, Australia – Poth spurts, Title of Build: Little Bit Long Way


Extract from interview with stranded alien being: “Am Poth. Me plant. Me explorer. Space pod dead. Me not dead. Home planet little bit long way. Sad. Earth peoples strange. Ugly. Poth look peoples. Poth probe. Poth learn. Need ice. Poth make ice. Need lava. Lava cargo zero. Earth peoples make lava. Poth eat. Yum. Me wait. Help come.”

Name: Caro Fayray, Location: UK..London, Title of Build: ANOMALY

Description: It shows the incongruity and inconsistency in the synthesis of indigenous and foreign elements.

The earliest recorded cargo cult was the Tuka Movement that began in Fiji in 1885 during the British colonial plantation era. Other well documented cults were Melanesian islanders in the years during and after World War II and The John Frum cult, one of the most widely reported and longest-lived, formed on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu.

The visitor to ANOMALY can experience both sides of the anomaly. On one side the ghosts of foreign elements who fought their battles on the doorstep of the indigenous peoples. On the other the land of the people, who believe that various ritualistic acts will lead to a return of material wealth that they experienced during the occupations. By interacting with the content the beliefs of these people become apparent through their cave art and daily lives. Visitors can dance for cargo and make the ultimate sacrifice to release the goods that changed these peoples’ lives during their occupation.

Name: chryblnd Scribe, Additional Names: ShippyCreations, Location: Australia and US respectively, Title of Build: Roguery

Description: The Roguery parcel features an “observation tower” shipped in as a convoy of steel plate and constructed  on-site by architect ShippyCreations Resident, in a virtual 3D rendering of his original design. It’s designed to house all comers as a place to kick back, enjoy the best of indie and alternative music, and take in the glory of the playa. The parcel also houses a stage built on the back of a semi-trailer, which will feature live music performances and dance entertainment/performance art staged shows.

Shippy: “inspiration for the … observation tower is twofold. It is based off an original design by myself from several years ago. The original concept was for a structure for which one could go to observe and reflect upon nature. It was meant to be placed in a forested valley area with a stream running past it. I thought this concept would work great at Burn. An observation tower to both view the event and relax and take in the surroundings”

chry: “Shippy is a trained architect, and when he showed me some of his models and sketches back in 2011, I immediately thought of BURN2. They just have that same vibe – they’re rugged, but breathtaking; they have an inherent sense of freedom. In a curious case of serendipity, it took us ‘til 2013 to have the wherewithal to put a Burn camp together – the year the theme was “Cargo Cult.” The build has echoes of Shippy’s intergalactic influences, and we put in some steampunked “crop circles” to complete the feel of the camp. We’ll use the camp as a base for our home sim and group, but we want to meet a lot of new people and really immerse into the experience. We are also using the opportunity to gift some of our favourite entertainment experiences to the Playa

Name: Coffee Jaworower, Location: From the UK south coast, Title of Build: Primitive Worship

Description: Stage with motorized arm rising and falling over two prim cubes on legs with arms outstretched and hands painted blue [DESCRIPTION ON ENTRANCE]. A depiction of Linden Labs early encounters with the primitive folk that inhabited the Grid, combined with a live music stage.

Name: Daark Gothly, Location: California, USA, Title of Build: 4400, Description: 4400 / Daark Gothly – Mazie Halpern – Cienega Soon / BURN2 2013

A comet deposits a group of exactly 4400 people in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Each of the Forty-Four Hundred disappeared from Earth at various times. A beam of white light took the first in 1946. None of the Forty-Four Hundred have aged. Confused and disoriented, they remember nothing between the time of their disappearance and their return to Earth.

Because of a very Special Delivery, now these Forty-Four Hundred are here with us at BURN2. You’ll run into them, and a few of their Friendly Captors, the entire week. Look for strange hats, wild shoes, crazy hair, and an array of colorful outfits. Some will be driving outrages vehicles. They will be wandering aimlessly without direction. The 4400 brought with them, the Serum that kept them alive during their stay on that distant Planet also contains Powers we have never seen before.

Say Hello, introduce yourself, give ‘em a gift, accept a gift, and invite them to return next year! … then dance People DANCE!

Name: Debi Palmira, Location: USA – Minnesota, Title of Build: London Wasteland, Description: Influences: London, Mad Max, A-Team

In a time when fossil fuels are getting scarce, everyone, including the London Public Transport Authority, needs to rethink transportation. When the fossil fuels go out, the Routemasters will become obsolete. But they can still be used! For example – with some modifications – to travel to BURN2! And finally there is some use for that nasty corrugated iron, too. If B A Baracus can make stuff from it, so can we!

Name: Eifachfilm Vacirca, Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Description: Passion drives us to seek the advancement of human knowledge and society. But can idealism survive the burden of profit? We all must face death. As our time approaches we ask ourselves what we achieved and what legacy we will leave. Did we act on our own ideals, or did another’s greed define the advancement sought? This installation just wants to make visitors think for a while and take a break. There can be two gifts found.

Name: Eliopod Beaumont, Location: New York, NY, Title of Build: LIZZARDS

Description: Two water pumps driven by solar energy bring water to the desert making life possible: Vegetation, birds and mice .The communal bar LIZZARDS with the ceiling fan, fiery cushions, and refreshments was used by the camp settlers to relax. The simple tools they left behind are testimony of their hard manual work. The camp was inspired in part by renewable sources of energy and London Waterworks on the Thames River in the last two centuries.

Name: Fearchar “Buck” Enoch ,Location: USA, west of the Mississippi, Title of Build: Batteries for Batari

Description: The installation is dominated by a huge battery, a tribute to Batari (or Bateri), a possibly apocryphal man who lived in the South Pacific in the 1940s and, seeing piled-up crates marked “BATTERIES,” immediately assumed those boxes were his. Another work is “CARGO,” consisting of the word “CARGO” made of 67 stacked battery crates, illuminated from within, many of them seeming to defy gravity, but in reality are connected with superglue and reinforced by strong steel rebar (strong enough to walk on, and I encourage this). There’s also a shrine in the form of a huge walk-in crate, and there may be other surprises. (I may be as surprised as you.)

Name: Fitheach Eun, Additional Names: Can Wobbit, Location: North Carolina, USA, Title of Build: Cult Temple Today

Description: A ruin of stone in the tropics filled with objects of desire made from straw. I imagined a cargo cult temple that contained icons we would worship today, all made from natural material as the cargo cults did.

Name: Freia Guillaume, Additional Names: iSkye Silverweb, Location: USA, Title of Build: Refuge for the Littlest Burners

Description: During a particularly strong windstorm of the kind for which the playa is infamous, a raft was mysteriously snatched up from Lake Tahoe and dropped onto the playa. Along came a plucky band of petite Burners, and being the cleverly communal, radically self-reliant little beings they are, they pitched in together and made a wee home for themselves on the playa, using not only the raft, but other objects they’d found scattered: food rations, cartons, even a shipping container filled with goodies that were left behind by unknown soldiers and men of a bygone era.

There was evidently a visitation by alien Burners from another world at some time. They probably originally landed on the plot next door. The robot with its glowing yellow eyes and the unfortunate little green man caught by the shipping container are all that remain on this little patch of playa.

And so this pint-sized Burner retreat became their little home on the playa and all of their friends, big and small, are invited to drop by, sit and chill, and share the abundance of food and goodwill with them! WELCOME HOME!

Name: Gemma Cleanslate, Additional Names: Qwark Allen

Description: Our build is a mixture of fact and fun about the cargo cult. We have aliens sent by John Frum landing in a spaceship in a village of believers waiting for his return. They bring a message of… …coffee! (and beer!)

Name: Ginger Lorakeet, Location: Australia, now living in the US, Title of Build: Inside Art

Description: “Cargo Cult” made me think of pants and boxes, so I used these items to display my interactive art. If you sit on my art, you will be placed ‘inside’ and become part of the image. Make it to the top of the giant pants and you can collect your gift, but be careful where you stand! You may fall through and out the butt.

Name: Giovanna Cerise, Location: Italy, Title of Build: Diamonds

Description: Diamonds is an immersive art installation. At the center of the diamonds are almost a giant cage that symbolizes slavery that often people of wealth, an illusion that can fly away at any time.

Name: Herbie Haven, Location: California, USA, Title of Build: Kilroy Island

Description: Never know what I will build until its built. The theme cargo cult theme reminded me of Robinson Crusoe or Gilligans Island or even a bit of Tarzan so I went with that and just had fun with it.

Name: Holly Loll, Location: Germany, Title of Build: Flammenkuchenhause

Description: Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambee is a special dish from Alsace. Captured by the Allmannen in 5th century, it soon was superseded by the Merowingers. Around 625-630. The notation Elsaß appears the first time as a name for a dukedom, which dissolved between 740 and 750. It got divided into 2 parts on which today’s departments affiliate to. After the Peasant’s Revolt in 1525, the wealthy chapter of the area started and found its sudden end by the Thirty Year’s War. After the peace in 1648, the area gradually became French. German and French influences got connected and visualized in the architecture. This process ended after the French revolution in 1789 when the Alcase became French in total.

After the war between France and Preußen in 1870-1871, the region fell back to Germany. After WW I in 1918, the Elsaß became French again. Around 87 percent of the residents spoke German back then. Three hundred thousand people who were acting German had to leave the region, and many people who went to France after 1871 came back to the Elsass. The official language was French then.

In 1940, the German Wehrmacht took over the region again and it became German. The young men were recruited by the French army before 1940; after 1940, they were recruited by the German army, against their will mainly. So, it had happen that some brothers had to fight against each other, because one was in the French army, and the other in the German army. In 1944 when the Alliierten took over, the Alsace became French again. Today the official language is French. The older generation still talks Alsaciene (which is an Allemanian dialect).

Name: iskye Silverweb, Additional Names: JeanBaptiste Eilde, Location: US, Title of Build: LAMPLIGHTER VILLAGE

Description: During WWII, thousands of GIs descended on the remote islands of the South Pacific, bringing with them all the “cargo” necessary to support a military force at war. As they withdrew from the islands, the military left behind a wealth of castoff cargo. This, of course, was a windfall for the inhabitants of the resource-scarce islands.

Over the years since the war, “Cargo Cults” have formed around the idea that the coming of the cargo was a divine act, and through ritual and prayer local inhabitants hoped to bring about a second coming. To many, the spiritual icon of the cargo cults is John Frum, a mystical figure who may have been based on a real man, or a composite of many men, or he may be a fabrication to give the cults a divine focus.

During WWII in the South Pacific, the PBY Catalina seaplane was iconic, swooping down from the heavens to deliver men and materials to remote islands. In this year’s village, the PBY is seen making a low pass over our outpost at BURN2 to drop crates of cargo. John Frum may be flying the plane, or the plane may BE John Frum, or it may simply be a spirit-like emissary from the mythical gifter of cargo.

Join The Lamplighters each evening in procession from Lamplighter Village to The Temple for dancing and drumming all night. Or drop into the village anytime. See our BLOG for schedule and details:

Name: Jilly Kidd, Location: London, England, Title of Build: The Literary Camp

Description: This is the main Literary Camp for BURN2, hosting events for writers and booklovers. The theme is Zen-based, with a Japanese theatre and meditative atmosphere to inspire writers, performers, and readers, as well as anybody just wanting to sit around and relax. Visit the Literary Camp to be inspired or entertained, to get on stage yourself, to discuss books, to see writing on display, or to sit around and socialize.

Name: Krummis “CC” Blessed, Location: Australian (Mostly, but, without a genetic profile, I could be telling a lie), Title of Build: And Then, There Was Technology

Description: Oh, dear Technology, please give me lots of friends, educate my children, and make my life worthwhile! If you will only grant me this wish, I will build a cathedral in Your honor!

 Name: Krystali Rabeni, Location: UK (Blackpool, Lancashire), Title of Build: The Dreamer

Description: The Dreamer is based on something we all have in common: we all dream, and dreams become reality. This art build represents The Dreamers of the world and the belief in what each of us can achieve.

Name: Lee1 Olsen, Title of Build: Welcome to House of Lost Hope….

Description: A corner of the Playa to relax and kick the Dust off..

Name: Leondra Larsson, Location: Florida, USA, Title of Build: Where are you from? What gifts do you bring?

Description: Leo’s Camp Build is both humorous and philosophical. It depicts Leo’s ill-fated effort to ship herself to Burning Man in a crate. After being bounced off the freight truck, Leo, still inside her crate, is tumbled into a clearing off a desolate road. She opens her crate and sets up camp for the night. As night falls, visitors from far, far away across the galaxy, descend to swoop up Leo’s valuables. But what is of value? Leo begins to realize that what is the most valuable thing to have are friends. So YOU! Fellow Burners, are the treasure, the gift she needs.

Name: Leroy Horten, Location: Southern California, USA, Title of Build: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

Description: Quetzalcoatl, one of the main deities of pre-Hispanic civilizations, is present in most of 15th-century Mesoamerica. From the beginning, he has been to attributed countless mysteries: he is considered a man, a deity, a priest, a myth, or a legend. After being tricked by his brother Tezcatlipoca, he exiled himself and headed for the sea. He built a boat out of snakes and sailed toward the setting sun, promising the Toltecs to return to Tollan in the year “Ce Acatl” to avenge for the betrayal. Coincidentally, that same pre-Hispanic year was the year 1519 AD, the year when the first Spaniards arrived on the very coast by which Quetzalcoatl disappeared. Hernan Cortes was mistaken for this god. Centuries later, many still await the return of Quetzalcoatl. I felt this would make a wonderful example for the this years theme of “Cargo Cult.”

Name: Liz Gealach, Location: USA, Title of Build: Dinglehenge by Liz Gealach

Description: After discovering several crates of Dingles, an unknown people used the now-empty containers of their beloved magical Dingles to erect a mystical henge. It is unknown what this henge might do, but it has been told that, at certain times, when the sun or moon are aligned correctly, Dinglehenge comes to life. The few that have experienced this amazing occurrence can be found to this day camping around Dinglehenge, dancing and singing and waiting for the henge to come to life once again.

Name: Loki Eliot, Additional Names: Escapades Island, Location: Residents of Escapades Island are from all over the world, Title of Build: Legend of the Desert Fairy

Description: Around the world there have been tales of a mysterious being, often referred to as The Desert Fairy. Here at BURN2, people have gathered in the hope of witnessing the fairy appear at the sacred desert stone. See what fans have created for the Fairy and maybe just maybe if you worship the stone, the fairy might appear and grant you gifts.

Name: master Oxygen, Additional Names: Faewyn Silverwe, Location: We are from a far, far away place

Description: The theme is: How media, using subliminal messages, manipulates society into obeying their hidden messages….in this case, you are the cargo, thinking you are on your way to Paradise, when in reality you are heading for Hell…enjoy a ride on a bubble through the tubes of your mind only to find yourself frying in a pan of bacon and eggs. Don’t forget to get the free goodies!

Name: Megan Halley, Location: United States, Title of Build: Temple of the Cargo Cult

Description: Supposing a hypothetical cargo ship crashed on an island, and the natives erected a temple to the wares found on the ship–at least, what’s left after the cargo ship crew was rescued. Come see what the natives have found to celebrate as they await the return of the new John Frum.

Name: Mia Quinote, Location: ‘Westside’!- Canada, Title of Build: The truth is out there

Description: UFO carrying John Frum and a seating area to watch the media link of Danger Ranger telling the story of John Frum at Burning Man Cargo Cult 2013 BLACK ROCK CITY playa, Nevada USA. I was inspired to make this because I love the story! I heard it and filmed it live at my first Nevada Burning Man this year!

Name: Misprint Thursday, Additional Names: Woody Woodpecker, Title of Build: Bottlerocket!

Description: A build using recycled bottles as our “cargo cult” to further the cause.

Name: Molly Montdale, Location: USA, Title of Build: Coconino

Description: Coconino, a sacred theurgy site for the evocation of Ignatz.

Coconino is transcendent yet ephemeral, existing within us and around us.

Ignatz, the Deliverer, the bringer of light, the One and all.

Coconino, a sacred theurgy site for the evocation of Ignatz.

Coconino is transcendent yet ephemeral, existing within us and around us.

Ignatz, the Deliverer, the bringer of light, the One and all.

Name: Molly Nakamori, Location: Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, Title of Build: . . . and We Await Your Return . .

Description: My build is a temple where the native people of the Playa await the return of the Jellyfish gods that visited them in the past. Having never seen aquatic beings, the Playa people were in awe that such creatures could exist. They keep an eternal pool for the Jellies, and stand vigil to greet them. I tried to imagine what would be most awe-inspiring to people living in a dry land, and aquatic creatures seemed most god-like to me.

Name: MORLITA Quan,. Additional Names: Romy Nayar and Ux Hax, Title of Build: ***SANKOFA***

Description: Meaning: “Looking to the Past to Create the Future”

Sankofa is an Akan symbol meaning “go back and retrieve.” This symbolizes the quest for knowledge among the Akan, with the implication that the quest is based on critical examination and intelligent and patient investigation. The symbol is based on a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted forward and with its head turned backwards. Thus, the Akan believe that the past serves as a guide for planning the future. To the Akan, it is this wisdom in learning from the past that ensures a strong future. The Akans believe that there must be movement and new learning as time passes, but as this forward march proceeds, the knowledge of the past must never be forgotten. As the Akan say, “se wo were fi na wosan kofa a, yenkyi”: There is nothing wrong with learning from hindsight.

The egg at the floor is a symbol of past, present, and future, and union with the life and water. Every time you click this egg a new path will be open so… Are you brave and patience enough to follow the path of time as many times as necessary? This magic path has risks: you can fall down, you can take the wrong trail, but finally… our goal is waiting with a sweet fly to our fulfilled dreams.

Name: Neo Deezul, Location: Sunny Arizona, USA, Title of Build: Neo’s Trailer Camp

Description: Nothing special. I wanted to participate and show my support by paying for a plot. My “camp” attempts to illustrate the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

Name: polkamatic Feller, Additional Names: Jaxiblues Resident, Berlin Brinner, Title of Build: Camp Colibri

Description: Camp Colibri at BURN2 is the ongoing collaborative inspiration of Polkamatic Feller, Jaxiblues, and Berlin Brinner. Our camp will encompass a replica of an ancient geoglyph that was left on the high plains of Nazca, Peru, many centuries ago: the majestic colibri or hummingbird. We look forward to creating burning interactions of past, present, and future in the world of pure imagination. We hope this mighty bird will invoke big thoughts when illuminated on our tiny patch of virtual playa…Welcome home, pretty bird!!!

Name: QuillRiley Resident, Location: East Coast of the US, Title of Build: Cargo Cult Village

Description: When the huge, roaring birds first appeared, my people were terrified. Our women and children hid in the trees, and our men tried to gather our animals to safety under our main shelter so the giant birds would not swoop down to snatch them. Many of the cows bolted in fear. As the giant birds flew low over us, their bellies opened and barrels and crates fell from the sky, crashing to the ground near our huts, some breaking apart as they hit the ground. When the roaring was gone and we could no longer see the giant birds, we crept forward to see what had fallen. All the crates were filled with food, cloth, blankets and some substances our medicine mother thought might be for healing.

That night there was a wild celebration in our village. We cooked the food, split the cloth and blankets among the families, and drank the bounty ale we had brewed in the summer. For two more days the giant birds came and dropped gifts of food and supplies to us, and then they were gone. For weeks we watched the skies, but they did not return. We stored our food for the coming cold and used the broken crates and barrels to fashion small vardos for the families to keep the wind outside when the hawk began his winter screeching.

We made two tall fire towers to guide the giant birds back to us, and we fashioned a model of one of the birds so they would know we remembered. We lifted the model high on a wooden pole between the fire towers so the giant birds would see. But they have not returned and still we wait………

Name: Ray Weyland, Location: Minnesota, Title of Build: The Zen of SL Live Music

Description: SL Live Music is special. And, I hope to convey that in image and form here with pictures and info of past and present music scenes and performers. Playing music from all SL Live performers 24/7 on the parcel.

I created an all wood Pagoda. Around it, images fade in and out. Touch the lamps to get info on Live Music. Sit on the mediation pillows and watch the dynamic presentation. Touch the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Watch the screen honoring the people and venues we’ve lost over the years. Look up into the stars and feel the energy of the performers who bring Live Music to all of us in SL.

Name: SeanMcPherson Senior, Title of Build: Playa Summer Camp,

Description: Description: Come enjoy our diving board and pool, relax under the monkey hut, nap in the tent, or take a load off in our trailer or rocking chairs!

Name: Sfindra Belar, Location: England, Title of Build: The Cargo Cult Fun adventure tower of plenty.

Description: Inspired by the idea of the Cargo Cult theme.

Name: Soto Hax, Location: Canada

Description: A fairly low key and realistic (I’d like to think) representation of your average Burning Man camp, based on RL Burning Man camps I’ve been in over the past few years. If you’re thinking about going to Burning Man and need some practical advice, or if you’d just like to hang out and chill, then come on by.

Name: Timothy S. McTaggart, Location: Texas, USA, Title of Build: Camp Dust Thou

Description: Still very new to builds, but this will be something involving scaffolds, sofas, PA system, and possible DJ booth. May or may not have UFO overhead as a sort of large canopy. Expect other extraneous junk in the area. May DJ some retro/eclectic sets here as well.

Name: Toady Nakamura, Additional Names: Flea Bussy, Location: Avaria & Avaria Tor, Title of Build: Playa Atlas

Description: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

Name: TriloByte Zanzibar, Location: San Francisco, California, Title of Build: Ziggurati

Description: A Second Life stylized interpretation of the Ziggurati installation that I designed and built for Burning Man 2013. The RL installation was designed using high tech software and tools to make more than 700 parts, creating an “ancient structure from the distant future” – a ziggurat (or temple), celebrating the return of the Anunnaki (Sumerian gods). Eridu Society takes its name from the first city on Earth, and I felt the piece celebrated quite possibly the original cargo cult.

Name: Ub Yifu, Location: France, Title of Build: Flesh dreams

Description: My vision of the cargo cult but from another point of view….. Here on earth in 3247 humankind is no more than a dream in survivors mind : the robots we built. Humans have been gone a very long time, and our machines survived as they could without us. But, now wishing for our return, they build human-like figures with the rare memory they have of us to convince their creators to come back.

Name: Vian Magic, Location: Born on the Playa, Title of Build: Blubox Villag

Description: One night, in the midst of a blinding dust storm, something crashed in the rocks. When the dust cleared, there it was–and in it was the dead god. He had brought them water. So they built him a shrine. The rest is history.

Blubox is just that. In honor of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, it is a crashed Tardis with remains in it, and its pool draining water down the rocks. Whose remains? Well, that’s the mystery. The Natives took it from there and have built a cargo culture/ religion out of it. It affects every aspect of their lives now.

Name: Xiija Anzu Oleander (Xiija Resident), Additional Names: Brodie Oleander, Location: Las Vegas, NV, and Georgia Acres, GA, Title of Build: CAMP OLEANDER

Description: Camp Oleander is just a camp with a small spaceship and robot delivering Cargo gifts to all BURN2 participants. Feel free to drop in and just hang out, or maybe play with the robot, or get some free LDPW textures. Our build is a nod to the Cargo Cult theme, and how advanced cargo would be seen by natives 🙂

Name: Yman Juran, Location: This world called Earth, more precisely i was born in Copenhagen, raised as a jungle kid by a Jewish mother without a man, investigated and researched the worlds religious information and from more than 33 years seeking I am now a God consciousness per.  Title of Build: At present the title is Wisdom tower but…..??

Description: Am inspired by The Urantia Book.. Sharing is the key to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and it flows (most easily) between people with a smile and friendliness. And this world needs much beauty and goodness to be healed from unforeseen circumstances and conscious confusion. Isolation is an unneeded burden on the soul and personality, so if it can be lifted, then lets do it together. A universal smile is not only a human right – it is also a divine gift, and Life is the ultimate gift of Love. The universe is God’s canvas, and we are the living expressions of His thoughts, and Life is the Ongoing of His expressions. Humor …functions to lessen the shock of the unexpected impact of fact or of truth: rigid, unyielding fact and flexible, ever-living truth.

 Name: Zipper Moomintoog, Location: Los Angeles County, California, USA, Title of Build: The Odditorium

Description: A traveling theater featuring outlandish scenery, and starring the amazingly talented, and endlessly fascinating, the one, the only… you.

Name: ZTAR Magic, Location: Holland, Title of Build: Cargo Creatures

Description: A “gallery” in the shape of a creature, and other creatures made from salvaged scrap parts. In a nutshell, these works are inspired by “nature,” “recycle art,” “trash art,” in combination with Burning Man’s “Cargo Cult” theme