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October 6-15, 2023

Burn2 2023: ANIMALIA

Invited Artist Guidelines

Whether you create a theme-related artwork or a vision you’ve had in your head for some time, anyone making a commitment to creating art at Burn2’s Octoburn event must take responsibility for all aspects of that creation. From filling out the invited artist application, to participating in a dialogue with us, arriving on the playa, protecting your art, and being accountable for cleanup – every aspect of creating art must be taken seriously.

Your Installation Space

2D Art: You will be assigned a panel on which to place your 2D art, up to 12LI total.

3D Art: You will select a first and second preference for your land grant size. Options will be one of 3 square sizes, or you can request a non-square size for your artwork, for one of those preferences. Maximum height of your installation will be 28 meters. All parts of your installation must stay within the dimensions assigned for your art. Thinking what kinds of 3D art we're looking for? You can see some examples here.

Original Work

We expect that you will create work that is original, created by you. For the purposes of considering 2D and 3D art as original, the use of AI generated textures is accepted, as long as they are not a majority of the art piece.

Building Limitations and Considerations

  • If selected, you will be sent a Burn2 Access group invite; remember to wear your Burn2 Camp Builder tag while building. There will be a 2-minute return time for non-Access objects rezzed on the playa.
  • Information givers on touch are encouraged; please do not include external links except those that are strictly informational, like wiki pages and Burning Man/Burn2 pages.
  • Off-playa landmarks and SLURLs break the Immediacy principle. Keep visitors immersed in the here and now, to experience the magic of being fully present on the playa. We want everyone to enjoy your AMAZING art!
  • Live plants are not allowed at Burning Man, nor at Burn2. Plants must appear fake - be creative! Remember, the playa is a long-gone, ancient dry lake bed. No lakes, ponds or rivers exist here. Water is kept in containers and is prone to evaporation.
  • Terraforming or digging on the Burn2 plot is not permitted.
  • Giant boxes, domes, shipping containers, tents or camps don’t belong out on the open playa. The open playa is for hand-built and personally-designed artwork rather than prefabricated structures.
  • By default, a plot will not be cut for your installation. If you need a plot cut in order to have a specific music stream, sound effects or some other reason, contact the Placement Lead.
  • NO scripts or effects will be allowed to go into or cross over to the other regions.
  • Do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or external servers/databases, such as scanners, sensors and the like. Keep script times to .02ms or less, where possible.
  • All parts of your installation that are not intended to be walked or climbed on, should be set to phantom.
  • BUILD-BY-DATE: 11pm Wednesday October 4th - ALL BUILDING MUST STOP BY THIS DATE. At that point we do a final check and give you a chance to sort out any problems.


  • Artwork must be sufficiently illuminated at night, including rebar, guy wires and any other part of the installation that somebody could crash into. This includes lighting your build materials before you finish creating your art installation. Note that it’s a good idea to use something that cannot be stolen or removed (in SL, make sure that you don’t have your work set as copyable or movable by anyone).
    On lighting your art:

    • We have a day/night cycle on the playa. It is YOUR responsibility to light your art. You want your AWESOME work to be SEEN!
    • Consider lighting as part of your art design, not as an afterthought.
    • Light your perimeter.


Create something that will inspire, engage, question, puzzle, amuse, seduce and otherwise impact those who see your work at Burn2’s echo of Black Rock City. We especially encourage interactive installations. It can be transformative for those who come and experience your art.

Note: Art installations on the open playa may contain ambient sound elements that are integral to the installation, but we do not allow DJs, sound systems, DJ booths, or any kind of amplified dance music in the art area. Why not? Electronic music permeates our city, and the open playa is one place that can be free of it.


Invited art installations are not intended to have stages - because providing a stage narrows the opportunities for participation to merely performer and spectator. We want to see that art remains a source of interactive discovery, rampant creativity, and radically inclusive participation.

If you wish to create a stage or performance venue, some camps may actually be looking for you! They may welcome you to join their camp, even help design their stages! We have a directory on our website where you can check out the possibilities.

Fire as Part of Your Art Installation

Consider the way safety considerations at BRC must be made when incorporating fire into an art installation. We ask you to emulate that at Burn2’s Octoburn.

If you wish to burn your build down at LNT time, you are encouraged to do it! If you’ve not done this before, ask for help from the DPW department. There is a burn kit available in the DMV Sandbox, and we have some skilled scripters and builders who can give you advice and guidance on preparing your installation to burn. We suggest you try to finish scripting - and testing - your burnable build by 1 week before build period closes (27th of September).

Note: If you decide to burn down your installation, even though the virtual playa doesn’t get burn scars - emulate how the playa is protected at BRC! Check this out: burn scar prevention.

Cleanup Accountability

If you are selected as one of this year’s invited artists, you will receive an area of clean, blank canvas — the playa. At LNT time, everything you bring to live, create and burn MUST BE REMOVED. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should be left behind at your art site when you leave. Cleaning up and Leaving No Trace are paramount.


Your installation must comply with:

The 10 Principles of Burning Man
• The "M" (Moderate) maturity rating of Burn2's regions
• Linden Lab® Second Life Terms of Service
• Second Life® Community Standards
• These guidelines for invited art installations.

Invited Artist Application