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Octoburn 2023: ANIMALIA

One Last Decision on Region Names!

At the Thursday night (27th July) meeting, we collected a list of 85 region names (with repeats) from the vote. Sunday morning we added another list of 50 region names and merged that with the Thursday night list for a total of 135 region names (with repeats). Ran it through a wordcloud and the below images are the result. Thank you for sending in all those GREAT region names!

Merged Tallies

As You Can See...

The top region names: one with 8 votes, one with 7 votes, 3 with 6 votes and 6 with 5 votes. That totals 11 regions. At the Sunday planning meeting, we talked about eliminating one of the region names - but which one? One person was willing to give up one of the five choices submitted. But also, someone suggested just keeping all 11 names, and replace Anarchy with Pandora. Why that one? It refers to the ancient Greek myth about Pandora's Box.

Anarchy is our "low rules" region at Octoburn. Now that you know why we are doing this quick poll on this question, please hit that button below to go to the form and let us know what you want: Keep the Anarchy name or change it to Pandora? (Note: the name would actually be "Burn2- Pandora" or "Burn2- Anarchy")

One More Decision: Anarchy or Pandora?