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Picnic on the Playa: April 2-3 2016

After all these years, the rains that sometimes hit the Playa have come to damp the dust down more often. What has long been a dry lake bed is slowly filling once again from meager trickles of water that are finally able to sustain some life.

A few plants are taking hold here and there but trees are yet to spread their canopies. In celebration of the Equinox we once more head to our Home for our first gathering of the year, a giant communal picnic. A new fresh living Home awaits, for us to start a new fresh year.

Music will fill the playa early Saturday morning. A bit later, Lamplighters will gather in preparation for opening BURN2's Burnal Equinox event, beginning at their Village. They'll welcome all present to come and join them in opening the weekend's event with a procession – on the river! This will start a weekend filled with music, fire, games, and the spirit of community at this Picnic on the Playa.

This sudden riot of colours and green will not long remain on this playa. Those of us who know the rhythms of the playa, who are accustomed to the sight of the ancient, dried-up lake bed that is our playa; we know the greens and yellows, blues and purples will wither away and soon the desert will assert itself again.

Thus – while it lasts, come and join us! Dance and chill, dream and play games, watch the burns, revel in the flames and bask in the warmth of creativity and community at BURN2's Burnal Equinox event, Picnic on the Playa.

Click below to view this weekend's performance schedule.