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You Decide: Burn2 Conception 2019 Theme

As a virtual regional of Burning Man we want to invite the participation of Burners who attend Burn2’s events. We want your input choosing the theme for Burn2’s next event – Conception – set for July 19-21, 2019.

Please review the themes and descriptions, and then let us know in the form at bottom which are your TWO favourites. Voting is open NOW through TUESDAY, 14 May 2019 at midnight PDT.

Here for your perusal are the suggested theme for Burn2’s Conception 2019. Your vote here will help us to decide. We want your feedback! Simply review each theme, then scroll down to the form and choose TWO themes you like the best.

Conception: Environmental Impact
The goal being to have builds that promote an awareness & responsibility to get involved on a personal level to reduce our own negative impact on our planet, whether that be by reducing our consumption of plastics (bottled water), spay/neutering our pets, planting drought resistant community gardens that attract bees, etc.

Because time and time again, human civilisations have risen and fallen in various parts of the world, and in some cases we don’t know why. It is looking more and more like because we have become so globalised, and there is a tiny minority of humans singularly focused on short term profit at the expense of long term survival, that we have not learned the lessons of the past: What we take, we must not waste, and we must give back when we take, respecting the gifts of life we were so generously given.

Star Dust Star Bright
Visualizing the awesome scale of the solar system, the galaxy we live in and the universe and maybe our place in all of it.
1. We are children of the universe and we are made of star dust.
2. If a 1/2 meter prim, representing the sun is rezzed in the NW corner of the sim, Pluto would be much smaller than the smallest prim size possible rezzed in the SE corner. Other planets would cover the sim at intervals slowly moving across the sky. Drawings never convey this awesome scale.
3. In world reproduction of the 3D universe. Speculations, imagination and dreams of navigating the stars.
4. What about those earth-like inhabitable planets. Is that realistic?
5. Where in the universe did the “big bang” actually happen? The answer is “everywhere” and other odd astronomical observations.
6. The galaxy song from Monty Python. It’s really pretty accurate.

Creation Myths
This theme is about exploring the creation myths of various cultures both real life and fictional.

Communal Earth
A concept around the communal effort needed to remember the origin of earth and the effort needed from everyone on the planet to preserve and heal it.

Retro Conception
Retro – imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past.

Origin Mythologies
Take inspiration from various mythologies around the world that tell the story of origins, adapt for origins of the Burners of Burn2.

Magic 2019
The Magic People of Second Life has been around for as long as Second Life itself has.
Some of the ancient places are still here, such as Chakryn, Svarga, Agro, Elven Forest, Avalon, the Faerie Crossing, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, The Safe Water Foundations, Happy Clam, and even more. But have you ever seen them or the people who HOUSE them?

It is time to bring forth the faeries, the mermaids, the elves, ogres, dragons and pixies to marvel at their very existence. So my suggestion is Theme Magic with invitations going out to the major magic organizations. For us, it is a chance to see and interact with and share OUR vision with seldom seen people. For them it is a way to be seen and to be able to share their lifestyle (which often differs greatly from the more obvious SL that most of us lead).

Magic 2019 and the 10 principles:

>Radical Inclusion:
The Magic People of Second Life are rarely included in any other concept than within their own circles. We can make a difference by reaching out and inviting them.

Just to SEE a FAERIE or a DRAGON is a gift as such!

AND SO ON. I will not make this lengthy by matching each principle, but having gone through the 10 principles – it is not hard to match the theme with each of the 10 Principles.

Let us reach out to the hidden people and welcome them home.

And so those are the theme choices and below is the form to use to tell us which two are your favourites. Thank you for your input and BURN ON!

Voting is now CLOSED. Thanks for your participation, results will be discussed at the next Burn2 planning meeting on Thursday 16 May, 9:00 US Pacific time.