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Wow what a weekend!

From the opening where everyone came pouring in to the Playa to the last set where nobody wanted to leave, we had one heck of a time. Early, late, stuff was happening on our little slice of the Playa. It was happening because of YOU! You came, you saw, you dived right in! You might have grabbed some fire stuff, you might have danced, you might have jumped in an art car or gone flying on the trebuchet…you may have met and talked with Burners you never met, but you came Home and you made it great. This is what sets us apart from all of the other events in SL. We are Burners, we are a community, and we MAKE our events.

If you would like to let us know what you thought of BURNAL EQUINOX take the survey now.

So talking about BURN2 2011…October 1 is the start of the BURN2 Week. We have a lot to do to get there too and it starts right now! You told us to think big, so we put out a vision for BURN2 2011 that is huge; 18 sims of community, camps, art, and fire. We can’t do something this huge, crazy, and amazing without you. We need your support, your volunteerism, and we probably need to borrow sims for BURN2. This year is our Rite of Passage…from where we were with the LAB to where YOU will take us. Whether it will be 18 sims, nine sims, or 200, it will be what WE MAKE IT as a community. How cool is that? This is our BURN, and I know that we all share the desire to make it the best BURN ever. Keep in touch through the group BURNING MAN 2.0. Keep informed through Reach out to us in world. We hang out on the Playa in Deep Hole frequently. Stop by and say hi! We have the Bacon cooking!

The BURN2 Core Team