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Winter Burn 2022: January 28-30, 2022

Call for Posters

Theme: Gingerbread Houses

The theme was chosen by the community, "Gingerbread Houses" featuring a Jack Frost effigy. Old Jack is slated to get burnt, but we'll make sure he gets well and truly toasted!

We are calling for posters to use for promoting the Winter Burn event. Time is short - deadline is THURSDAY, 30 December 2021, 8:00 PM SLT. Why? We need to select a poster quickly, to use for promoting the event and getting signups underway for builders to create on plots early in the new year. The poster will be selected during the 9:00 PM Burn2 planning meeting on the 30th.

We know how creative you are! This theme opens up all sorts of possibilities. Bring us your best poster designs!

Note that we are calling for either a PSD/XCF layered file of your design OR a set of THREE posters in PNG or JPG format. The reason for requesting the layered file is so that the Burn2 communications team can adapt the sizes of the posters to meet the graphics requirements of the various social media networks we will want to use. Some of the networks may crop the graphics, so we will want to slightly adjust. If you have any questions please contact iSkye Silverweb inworld.

Max file sizes:
PSD/XCF Layered file: 8MB
PNG/JPG (per file) 3MB