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Octoburn Lead Roles and Responsibilities

Event Lead
Oversees all the leads for the current event
Assists in resolving any issues that arise
Performance Lead
Organises, schedules and orients performers for the current event
Ensures that performers are familiar with 10 Principles and will comply with them.
Building/Infrastructure Lead
Mainly creates and manages road signs
Stage Build Lead
Oversees the building of stage(s) for the current event.
Works with Placement Lead for siting of stage(s).
Man Build Lead
Leads the Man Build team for the Octoburn event
Sees that Man Build follows guidelines for Man construction
Works closely with the Man Burn Lead
Man Burn Lead
Oversees the Man Burn team, scripting and texturing for the Burn
Works closely with the Man Build Lead
Placement Lead
Creates the sim map, managing sim load as well as possible
Sorts out where infrastructure goes, spacing, making sure all plots have some road access
Strategic plot assignments (allowing for possible expansion spots to plot increase sizes by putting builders in certain spots)
Works to honor placement requests of campers/artists, etc.
Communications Lead
Acquires the event graphics from Event Lead (or creates them if desired)
Acquires the vision/description of the event from Event Lead for use in composing announcements and postings
Oversees the communications for BURN2 – website postings, press releases, etc.
Oversees postings on social media and group notices
Artists Liaison
Recruits and invites artists as guests for the current event
Communicates Placement’s plot assignments to artists
Gifts Area Lead
Manages gifts for the Welcome / Newcomer area
Coordinates with the Greeter Lead to update Greeter backpacks when needed