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BURN2 Staff & Teams

Who are the Staff at BURN2?

We get this question a lot. The answer is we don’t have an official paid “staff”. However, we do have a core of very dedicated, active volunteers who keep things running on the Deep Hole sim, help plan and organise the events during the year, spread Burning culture and the practice of the Ten Principles, and enthusiastically invite other Burners to join the efforts of the Regional, inspired by the philosophy and the “10P” of Burning Man.

We meet weekly at 9:00pm SLT (US Pacific Time) on Thursdays on Deep Hole in world. Burners are welcome to visit, listen in and most definitely participate.

We have two Regional Contacts who serve as our liaisons with Burning Man, and represent the Regional. Their names are Suzanne Ayriss, affectionately known in world as Suz (full name Miss Suzanne SuperSweet) and Lynn Bryant, known in world as 3V (3Vilyn).

The other “leads” or contacts of the group are as follows, and they can be reached by sending a notecard or instant message in world.

  • Burn2 Regional Contacts: SuperSuz, 3V
  • Burn2 Volunteer Coordinators: freia Guillaume, SuperSuz
  • Burn2 Communications: iSkye Silverweb (Web, inworld notices), Mia Quinote (Facebook), Suz (Twitter), 3Vilyn (Instagram)
  • Burn2 Department of Mutant Vehicles: Cuga Rajal
  • Burn2 Greeters: Macha Triangle
  • Burn2 Placement: iSkye Silverweb
  • Burn2 Department of Public Works: Herbie Haven
  • Burn2 Performance: Nance Clowes
  • B2TV: DJ Puddles

These groups support and collaborate with BURN2:

  • BURN2 Ranger Coordinators: Leondra Larsson and Lee1 Olsen
  • The Lamplighters: The Elders Council – iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, Apollo Manga, Ktahdn Vesuvino, Dream Wrexan
  • Burners Without Borders Second Life (BWBSL) – Mrs Mia Wallace, SuperSuz

In addition to these, the Burners in world who have the “BURN2 Support Staff” role in the BURN2 group are also members of our volunteer staff.

Other leadership roles for event teams are filled by various people depending on the event currently being planned. These roles are:

  • Event Lead

Our events would not be much of anything without our artists, builders, performers and, most of all, participants. We really do practice the philosophy that “there are no bystanders.” Everyone is included in some way or another, because we are not merely a group, or a Burning Man Regional. We are a community.

If you are interested or just want to learn more about how you can become a part of the virtual burner community, visit our volunteer information section in this site. You can also ask us questions by using our contact page.