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Infrastructure Crew


  • These are the artists, scripters, and designers who build the large builds for the entire community to enjoy.
  • Man Build Crew Lead will assemble the Man crew. Used at October Burn events.
  • Temple Build Crew is selected by the Lamplighters. They oversee the build, see that it meets requirements. Used at October Burn events.
  • Center Camp Crew build Center Camp – this may be different for each event. Used at October and other BURN2 events.
  • Stage Crew build the official BURN2 music stages for BURN2 events, including the October Burns.
  • Membership in crews is not mutually exclusive; you may work on more than one if needed or asked.


  • Strong collaboration skills, able to work in a team
  • Sense of the absurd
  • Able to work to specifications
  • Large time commitment leading up to events
  • Expert level building, scripting, texturing and architecture skills (any or all)


  • Prior and during BURN2 events, especially the October event
  • Man and Temple builds need to be built, scripted, tested and ready one week before the October event opens.
  • 10-30 hours per week around event times