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  • Provides gifts of Burner clothes and skin that reflects the party that is BURN2 for those who arrive uncostumed to encourage participation in the aesthetic of the event
  • These gifts are readily presented by Greeters and Community Guides
  • Create cohesive looks for the BURN2 staff teams from Rangers to Stage Hosts, giving them individuality, identity, and yet making easy identification during BURN2 events
  • Can host and hold an event within the events (October event), where the art is worn and the cat walk is the Playa!


  • Team Spirit
  • Sense of the absurd
  • Fashion Design skills – Basic to Expert
  • Friendly & Patient
  • Outgoing, likes approaching strangers
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Creation of Burner clothes and skins for BURN2 events
  • Creation of event-specific identifying articles for BURN2 staff
  • Planning and conducting fashion events, especially during October event
  • Prior to and during BURN2 events
  • Time as needed to accomplish the above tasks