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Community Guide


  • Experts on all cool things of interest at the Burn.
  • Aid attendees in the discovery of events, art, camps and performance on the Playa through interpretative tours.
  • PRE-EVENTS: Gather information from artists, performers and participants about builds and performances and create tours, notecards with SLurls and descriptive information to distribute to participants of BURN2 events.
  • A Tour is art and performance in and of itself!
  • Mentor and coach the Ten Principles and readily explain the history of Burning Man and BURN2 experience and aesthetic.


  • Team Spirit, Sense of the absurd
  • Will commit to regular shifts
  • Friendly & Patient
  • Outgoing, likes approaching strangers
  • Excellent Communication Skills


  • Preparation before events and tours during events, especially the October Burn event
  • 10-30 hours during October Burn week, 2-10 hours during other events