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Your Input is Important

We are looking ahead to Burn2's events in 2022. We love it when we get input from you! And so we ask you, Burn2 community, to contribute ideas for the theme.

In recent planning meetings we tossed around these ideas for themes:
Topsy Turvy
Rocket Science
The Heart Of A Burner - Anarchy

But we want YOUR input. This is your community, these are your events. There are just a few guidelines. Please consider them - any submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be discarded.

  1. Theme should fit within the 10 Principles framework of Burning Man.
  2. Keep in mind the maturity rating of the region: "M" for Moderate.
  3. Also keep in mind the TOS and Community Standards for SL
  4. Last but not least - be creative!

Share Your Ideas With Us!

You can submit more than once, but do not submit the same theme repeatedly. You CAN, if you really like it, submit any of the four theme ideas named above. But remember, this is not a vote! It just gives us a sense of what you like.

All of your suggestions will be gathered up and presented at the planning meeting at 9pm SLT Thursday the 3rd of March, and again at 9am SLT Sunday the 6th of March.

Submissions will close after midnight SLT on Wednesday, the 2nd of March.