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What is typical at Burn2? Impromptu games and parties are not unusual, which guarantees if you come to the playa and find more than one Burner, chances are you will swept up in the midst of something you didn't expect. Immediacy rules!

But a lot of work, organising and planning - communal effort - goes into the events we hold, like last weekend's Conception event themed "Communal Earth" - and some of us just aren't quite ready to let it go, hence the exuberant radical self-expression you see happening in the clip at right! This is from a pre-meeting pickup party that (almost) spun out of control!

But the fun continues with a volunteer appreciation party on Sunday. And you know if you were there, you are counted among the volunteers because there's no such thing as a bystander in Burn2 - you get radically included.

Plan to drop by the playa Sunday, the 28th of July. The party starts at Noon SLT (PDT) and ends - well, when it ends! If you have a Second Life® avatar, look for the Deep Hole sim at this location and join us in celebrating good old-fashioned Burner spirit!

Burners manage to find ways to have fun when they get together, like here at Cuga Rajal's build, the WhiskeyDrome. This clip is provided courtesy of Fifi Oh.