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Burn2 VRC 2020
The Multiverse

August 30 - September 07

Artists and Builders Invited!

If you have a past art installation that you've brought to the playa at a past event*, you are invited to sign up to display your art once again during this event. (This event is separate from Burn2's annual Big Burn that we nickname "Octoburn" for which the theme is "The Multiverse" and there will be details about that coming soon.)

Each builder is part of and responsible to the community and fellow participants, to build in a manner that does not adversely affect others.

VRC Week Theme: The Multiverse

This event is part of a larger virtual event being encouraged by Burning Man. It was prompted by the cancellation of this year's Burning Man event. The many groups and Regionals around the world are being encouraged to go virtual, create activities and events to be experienced online. The various participating groups and regionals are called "universes."

For Burn2, we want to feature past artworks by YOU, the artists, along with the different past builds of the Man (which will be rotated in/out on different days during the event) along with a replica of this year's RL Empyrean Temple. We will have a limited number of art plots available due to being on one single sim.

Build Guidelines (click here to read)

The Rules

You may notice that these guidelines are familiar. That's because they are similar to what you followed when you were creating the original artwork. We are NOT asking you to create brand new, original art.

In addition to the theme vision, PLEASE read and follow the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

It is a fact of life that in any big community there will be some rules to help things run as safely, smoothly, and as fairly as possible for all in the community. For that reason we ask all builders to respect the following:

  • Please keep all parts of your build inside your plot, except: where your plot borders touch your neighbours', you are encouraged to work with them to blend your builds a bit, (to create the feel of one giant circular - communal - build).
  • Three plot sizes: 512 square meters, 1024 square meters, 2048 square meters
  • The maximum height is 24 Meters, and the build must connect to the ground.
  • NO commercial or promotional items.
  • Old-style Megaprims are not allowed.
  • Mesh is allowed, but please use it sparingly. Be aware that not everyone uses a viewer which enables them to see Mesh.
  • No Temp-on-Rez objects.
  • Objects that overhang or are outside of your plot boundary ("MOOP" or "Matter out of Place") may be returned to you. If you have doubts or questions, talk with the artist lead.
  • Please keep texture sizes as low as possible (512x512 or its equivalent) and reuse textures when possible - this makes your build rez quicker and "pop" for visitors.
  • Do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or external servers or databases, such as scanners, visitor logs, etc. Keep script times to .02ms or less, if possible.
  • Minimize the use of lag inducing physical objects.
  • Make prims phantom wherever you can.
  • Use glow sparingly. The effects of glow multiply in an area, so if few sources, a maximum of 0.5, if a lot, a total maximum of 0.2.
  • No floating text/hovertext.
  • If your application accepted you will be contacted and assigned specific dates based on your input on the form below as to when you will place your installation and take it up again, and you will be given a location which will be suitable for the size of build you indicated in the application.

If you do not understand why we ask you not to do some of these things, please ask, as we love people to be better informed and feel better about what we do.

**On your assigned end date, we ask you to practice "Leave No Trace" and pack everything back up. This is the responsibility of the artist; do not leave it for us to return items. Please considerate of the fact that another artist will be placing their installation on the spot yours just occupied.

Playa Aesthetics (the beauty and inspiration)

BURN2 is a virtual continuation of Burning Man, an event that happens yearly in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert on an ancient, dry lake bed. This "playa", as it is called, is ringed by distant mountains and supports no animal, insect, or plant life. It is very windy, very dusty, very dry, and very inhospitable. Storms can appear suddenly and out of nowhere. EVERYTHING is trucked in or brought in from hundreds--or even thousands--of miles away. And, when the event is over, EVERYTHING is picked up, and the playa is returned to its natural state as if nothing ever happened. Not a single sequin or twist tie remains.

We have the following GUIDELINES that respect playa aesthetics:

What is the difference between rules and guidelines? The above rules are limitations to which everyone must adhere. Guidelines, however, are suggestions. They are not rules, but if everyone follows them, then it will help with the look and feel of our event. Remember our builders challenge! We will not lecture you on this... we just ask you to consider following as the environment within which to exercise your creativity:

  • Not digging up the playa, creating mounds of playa, or otherwise harming it environmentally.
  • All fires are on burn stands, burn barrels, or somehow contained to not leave burn scars.
  • Builds are made of lightweight materials that can be trucked in. Sometimes, they may require many trucks and/or cargo containers, but everything is still trucked in.
  • The Black Rock Desert gets magnificent dust storms, lasting hours, or even sometimes days. Build things that won’t get caught by a windstorm and blown away. Use rebar and rope and tie things down securely.
  • Tents, shade, sail cloths, poles, scaffolding, portapotties, temp sheds, trailers, Quonset huts, geodesic domes, motorhomes, rental trucks (no logos - but you can parody the logos for humor), bikes, or other temporary structures come down quick and leave no trace.
  • The Black Rock Desert is a hostile, barren environment that won’t support grass, lawns, forests, or gardens. Instead, use fake turf and potted trees, or other items that are designed to look manufactured, rather than lifelike.

If in doubt about anything, ask. BURN2 coordinators may also have textures, building ideas, and other resources available. They are here to help!

Please request assistance in BURN2 Access group chat if you have any questions or need further information or clarification.

If you wish to know the reason for any of the rules or guidelines, ask the Event Lead or the Artist
Contact; they are more than happy to explain.



Use the form below to sign up for your (FREE) plot. When accepted, you will be offered a group invitation to the Burn2 Access group and you will get further instructions as to when and where to place your artwork. Please be patient! We WILL contact you.



BURN2 Event Lead, Artist Contact, Rangers and designated staff reserve the right to suggest changes, remove or ask for the removal of any build, object, or scripted object that does not fit within the very liberal Ethos and Principles of Burning Man. We would appreciate that you not alter or add to your past installation without first contacting the Artist Contact or Event Lead.

A LAST NOTE: These guidelines and rules may be updated at any time, so please remember to check the website often, and any notices sent out to the BURN2 Access group.

Contacts for Questions

Event Lead: SuperSuz
Artist Contact: TBD
Placement Contact: TBD

Artist Signup

The artists application form is now closed. Thank you everyone for participating!

Selected artists will be contacted in the next few days to arrange placements.