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Burn2 VRC 2020
The Multiverse

August 30 - September 07

DJs, Singers, Musicians!!

Burn2 is one of eight virtual Black Rock City Universes, with an event called VRC (Virtual Rock City). We'll introduce, and even re-introduce, Burn2 to Burners across the Universes in the Multiverse. We welcome displaced Burners looking to connect with others for a uniquely fun participatory experience. While in the default world we may sit alone, we can be virtually together.

The event will run from August 30th through September 7th, with slots available through the 6th. We have a stage waiting to be used! We would love to have you play on it.

Performer Guidelines (click to read)

The Ten Principles

Burn2 is a virtual Regional of Burning Man. We upload the principles and values of this community. We are deeply grateful for your practice of the Gifting Principle. Time, talent and creativity are highly valued in Burn2. As a performer, it is important that you be made aware that the following things are not allowed at Burn2:

  • Tip Jars
  • Group Joiners
  • Landmarks or SLURLs to locations off the region

PLEASE read and follow the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

Should You Have Questions...

There will be Burn2 staff on hand during the hours of performances at the stage. If you need help, you can contact the Performance Lead, a Stage Host, Burn2 Ranger or the Event Lead.

Performance Lead Contact: Leondra Larsson
Event Lead: SuperSuz

Performer Signup

Due to limited slots for performances, PLEASE sign up for ONE SLOT (DJs may choose a 2 hour block). We MAY open up additional times. During the week of VRC, you may pick up a 2nd slot the day before.


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