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Renaming the Live Stage

Help us choose a better name for the second stage that we make available for performers who want to bring their own stage sets to perform at our events. The name "Live Stage" is confusing - many live performers do not have their own stages and backgrounds, and so they could easily perform on our Main Stage. But there are some who like to have their own pre-built stages or sets, and we provide a large, open area where they can rez their stage and perform, then take it up (Leaving No Trace!) and it's cleared off for the next performer set to use it.

The poll below lists the best names collected during brainstorming at the last two Burn2 planning meetings. We ask you to help choose one that best describes that stage's purpose, so there is less confusion. You can only vote ONCE, and choose only ONE name. So make it count! If there is a tie, the committee at the meeting will make the final decision on the name.

Pick Your Favourite! Choose only ONE NAME and vote only ONCE.

DEADLINE: Thursday 18 February 2021, 8:00 PM (20:00) SLT