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Virtual Burn 2021

Workshop Submission

Workshop Overview

During the week leading up to the Burns, we invite the community to share what you know and give workshops on those topics! You can hold a workshop between the 29th of August and the 3rd of September, and submissions will be accepted until the 19th of August.

If there are any questions contact Zoren Manray in world.

Workshop Guidelines

Please make sure that your workshop format and content are compliant with the Ten Principles of Burning Man, Second Life's Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Schedule up to 2 hours for a workshop.

You can schedule multiple dates and/or times to give your workshop.

If you need something specific for the workshop venue, let us know - some examples are listed below:

  • You would like to use the DMV Sandbox area for a building workshop, so participants can rez and practice their building skills
  • You need to be on the playa to use the region music stream
  • You want to use the Black Rock Saloon, it has a nice stage and room for seating
  • You would like assistance in having seating for your workshop

A good title and description will help participants to know what you will present. Be clear in your description.

Burn2 Virtual Burn 2021 Workshop Submission

Submissions for workshops at Virtual Burn 2021 are CLOSED. Thank you!