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Plot Sale

Burn2 in 2020:
The Multiverse

Traditionally, Burn2 "echoes" the annual event in Black Rock City, Nevada. This year, however, things are different. Burning Man went virtual, the Multiverse populated by eight "recognised universes." Burn2 was one of those, with a VRC Week event in the beginning of September, featuring just a bit of what a virtual Burn is like in Deep Hole. October, we shall go all out!

We will expand beyond Deep Hole into more regions! They are Anarchy, Cosmic Bob, Infinity, Nirvada and Quantum.

What we will do this year is echo the traditional annual event in the Black Rock desert, with the familiar sights and sounds, look and feel of the ancient dry lake bed where a city has sprung up from the dust. We will go beyond that, too - a multiverse is comprised of many universes, and this can be expressed as only our wonderfully creative artists and builders can do on plots throughout the six regions of Burn2! We will still have our three official Burn2 stages. We will still have roads and spires and Lamplighters and Rangers, the Man and Temple. And then we have our plots...

Step off a road, walk into a camp, and you'll enter a universe created by the owner of that plot. Artists and builders, consider the Burning Man art theme for 2020. Oh, the possibilities for creativity! Before you get too far out into space, however, builders will need to remember to keep rooted firmly in the Ten Principles of Burning Man and within the Terms of Service, Community Standards and Maturity rating of Burn2's regions. Guidelines are provided to help with this also.

Performers can avail themselves of one of Burn2's three official stages, or they may set up "active camps" where Burners can visit and enjoy special activities or performances.

For a decade, this Regional has echoed the Black Rock City, and this year is no different. We are excited! We hope you are, too! And so we will say when this event opens, "Welcome Home!"


The Plot Sale is OPEN!

It's that time of year! Finally, we have additional sims coming in September, and we're looking ahead to the "big ass annual Burn week" we have coming up in October. You've all been so patient - thank you! Now before you know it, we'll be opening the sims for builders!!

So time is going FAST! Plots will go fast too. And we've got GREAT news: prices for plots are 30% lower than last year! Linden Lab reduced sim prices for nonprofits due to the pandemic, and so we are passing along some savings to you.

the lowdown on prices

512 sqm - 156LI - 16m x 32m L$1960
1024 sqm - 312LI - 32m x 32m L$3920
2048 sqm - 624LI - 32m x 64m L$7840
4096 sqm - 1248LI - 64m x 64m L$15,680

Burn2 Plot Sale Now Open

There you have it! That plot you were planning and saving and budgeting for - ohh now, maybe a new possibility opens up for an expansion on your planned build! MOAR Plot! MOAR PRIMS!

- Come to Deep Hole! You will land a few steps away from the plot sale kiosks.
- Go to the kiosk for the size plot you want, right click on the vendor and click "Pay" and confirm by clicking OK.
- You will receive a ticket that you can 'add' or 'wear' as a HUD - there's a nice lil Easter egg for you on that!
- Click the ticket and you will receive a folder with some notecards, with LOTS of important information for you.
- The first notecard will have a link to a plot owner form. FILL IT OUT - you will NOT get a plot until you do that because we NEED that info from you to give you the best possible placement for your camp!
- Wait for us to contact you, give you your placement (and builder tag) and you can start building!

Those plots will go fast - reserve yours TODAY!
Plot sale will continue until the 4th of October or all plots are sold out, whichever is first!


Note: Any questions contact iSkye Silverweb

More Information

for Builders/Artists