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...They Need Names!

Last week we asked for suggestions from you, the Burn2 community, of names for the sims we will have for Burn2's Metamorphoses 2019 event and we got lots of input!

Now we are putting it to a vote. Thanks to you, there are 65 AMAZING and widely varied sim name possibilities!

Now the fun part. Well, two parts.

First question asks if you wish to have the "Low Rules" sim named "Alkali" (as we've called it the last 2 years) or if you wish to call it "Anarchy" (hey - just relaxed some rules, it's not total chaos in there!). Choose your favourite!

The second question is more challenging. 65 possible names to choose from and you have to pick FOUR. Only four. The names are listed in alphabetical order. Please remember if you choose more than four, we will assume the first four are your choices.

Ready to vote for those names? Click on the box below and GO!

And then the Plots!

Many of you are eager to get a plot reserved, so you can plan your camp/creative build/juried or nonjuried art installations. We're excited, too! We can't wait to see everyone back Home on the virtual playa!

And yes! The rumours are true! The Burn2 Metamorphoses plot sale is OPEN. The details about sizes and costs are as follows:

  • 512 Plot
    L$2,800 LI = 156, max height = 16m, footprint 16m x 32m
  • 1024 Plot
    L$5,600 LI = 312, max height = 20m, footprint 32m x 32m
  • 2048 Plot
    L$11,200 LI = 625, max height = 24m, footprint 32m x 64m
  • 4096 Plot
    L$22,400 LI = 1250, max height = 28m, footprint 64m x 64m

After you purchase your plot, we will follow up with a link to a questionnaire, which is required for placement. The things we ask about are very important for us to know - they help us to find the best placement for your plot. So you can be ready with answers, these are some of the things we will ask:

  • Do you prefer to be placed in the "Low Rules" sim, or no? (Desired placement not guaranteed - we do our best)
  • Do you plan to have a music camp with frequent and busy events?
  • What will be the name of your plot?
  • What will be the description for your plot?
  • Will you want a specific music stream playing in your plot? (must be non-commercial)

Get Your Plot, Right Here!

The plot sale kiosks are on the playa, on Gerlach Road, across from the Black Rock Saloon. You can't miss it!

Here is the slurl to get you there quick: Burn2 Metamorphoses 2019 Plot Kiosks